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Chinese Studies

I remember once I went into an office of its acquaintance. It should be noted that he is the head of the Department of Chinese Studies and teaches Chinese language and literature. So, I was amazed enormous size, about two meters in diameter, like fans of great beauty. Their needles were spread out rice paper, and in some instances – silk, which were skillfully drawn bewitching eye pattern. I long time could not stop watching these masterpieces, and firmly promised myself at the earliest opportunity have something similar. Those fans in the interior compares favorably to the usual for us European-style paintings hanging along the walls. First, the story is not written on the canvas, and the fan.

In itself this fact gives them a certain elegance, lightness and grace. Secondly, the very style of painting by Chinese artists is quite different from known European schools. This lends a certain charm and colorful. Well, in the third, where such fans rarely see them, therefore, together with a fan you are giving your friend a unique interior, and you can be sure that it will remember you every time will host the guests, because seeing these spectacular decorations, none of them fail to ask the owner. Another unusual and beautiful invention of Chinese painting can be called on silk. Therefore, presenting as a gift painted silk panels, made in the form of a scroll, you can count on one hundred percent sighs of admiration and surprise. A common motif of these panels are the tigers, Dragons, as well as landscapes.

If The Child Does Not Let Mom

Every time you’re on the go, your child begins to cry inconsolably bitter and For most mothers this is a real test, which wants to avoid by any means. What feelings are experiencing child, flooding Tears flow hallway while we hurriedly dressed? How to calm him down: to comfort or scold, or stay away? And most importantly, how to help him safely be our absence? Most often react violently to the care of infants, that most of the time with mom. In families where the mother for a short time, but regularly, replace one of the family, small enough to quickly get used to for some time without it. Although sometimes it happens that the kid has yesterday quietly letting go of my mother, suddenly begins to protest her departure.

What child is experiencing, watching your charges? What gives him a sense of your care? By virtue of its self-centeredness, all that happens in the family, little kid sees a direct connection with each other. He is hard to understand, that some part of my mother’s life is not related to him that she has something special. So the kid can relate mother’s care, for example, that he not well behaved, and so he is punished. In order for your absence did not cause a negative reaction, going somewhere for long, to shop or barber shop, be sure to tell your child where you are going through and what time back. Even if you think that the child is too young for such information, your words wonderfully calm and help him to wait for your return.

Water Massages

The tradition of underwater massage came from the distant past, when the related nature of man discovered the bliss of standing under a waterfall or stream to take a natural bath in boiling water. You can repeat this experience in hydromassage our office. The magic underwater massage begins with a dip in the bubbling spa space. Sense of relaxation can only be compared with a dip in the ocean where the water itself keeps your body without any effort on your part. Warm water dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, accelerates blood circulation, increases the flow of oxygen and endorphins ('hormone of joy') in tired muscles, appears with nothing comparable to the feeling of comfort, ease and bliss. You're almost ready to fall asleep but at this moment on you to direct the water compact strong jet of water on the rules of the massage. Air-water jet will be massaged by water every cell of your body up and down the back, legs, abdomen and neck.

Special attention – the so-called 'problem' areas – buttocks, stomach, breeches of No manual massage can not compare with it in depth and efficiency. Organism happily takes care of themselves. During the underwater spa massage, amazing changes. Jacuzzi launches hurricane blood circulation. Activate all metabolic processes.

Increases lymph circulation. Restores the optimal balance of water in the tissues – leaving edema. Is the breakdown and excretion of fat. Nutrients and oxygen to the currents of blood saturate the skin cells. Restores mineral balance. Improves color and texture of skin. She takes a deep shine, it becomes extremely smooth, soft, supple, elastic and silky. Increased muscle tone. Fat reduced and equalized – formed a beautiful chiselled figure. And all this – on a background of excellent general health. And – without any effort on your part! Jacuzzi can be performed as a prelude to your favorite cosmetic procedures. After the massage the body most susceptible to the adoption of valuable properties of cosmetic products, which reinforces the effect of the procedure several times. Significantly, that after the massage your skin gently cleaned: in his course of dead skin cells otshelusheny powerful jet. Therefore, before wrapping not have to do manual exfoliation, and infiltration into the skin of valuable nutrients from the sea body masks increases several times, repeatedly reinforcing the effect of this procedure. Massage service will give you not only an excellent cosmetic effect, but also health. Hydrotherapy – a beautiful disease prevention spine and internal organs. And the long-term effect of procedure of water massage in the formation of your youth and beauty is largely achieved through the normalization of Health.

Dental Diode Lasers

Most dental lasers in fact have the effect of hemostasis is largely depending on the depth of penetration of the laser beam, and provided that the hemoglobin or collagen vascular wall is chromophore for this laser wavelength. CO2 laser seals the blood vessels typically a diameter of 500 microns or less, while more specific to hemoglobin KTP: YAG, Nd: YAG and argon lasers can provide a more profound hemostasis. Even when use of other lasers, CO2 is used to control bleeding through the laser beam on the surface of the surgical field somewhere between the distances of the focusing and defocusing effect to create hemostasis without cause significant ablation or dissection of tissue. Indications for the use of lasers in dental surgery are: frenectomy, Gingham voplastika, change shape and tissue papilla, Gingivectomy, Gingivectomy to create access, removal of lesions, removal of age spots and tattoos. Despite the fact that in certain clinical situations may be used at different wavelengths, and its choice should be borne in mind that universal prescription for laser surgery does not exist. Any doctor who uses lasers should receive appropriate instructions on the application of different length vln and laser devices, as well as use known procedures, along with their own clinical experience. The following sections outline some examples of applications of lasers during dental and cosmetic procedures. Gingivectomy IN HYPERPLASIA Laser dentistry is used to perform the cut on the Limits of the desired area of the gums in the focused mode and then perform the excision or ablation of excess hyperplastic tissues.

Vicious Symptoms

One may be the reason here too the thyroid, because after the pregnancy hormone location changes in the body dramatically. Another reason may be an unrecognized week bed depression that up to 24 months after birth can occur. Much more often starts weeks after birth but 1-2. In addition to loss of energy, listlessness, lack of interest in the child and sadness cause physical symptoms such as dizziness, tremors and even panic attacks. The symptoms persist longer than 2 weeks, patients should seek help with their midwife or the gynaecologist.

In most cases, already an antidepressant treatment helps. Breaking the vicious circle the affected it is usually not possible to break the vicious circle, in which they are trapped. The fear of fear paralyzes them in their actions and action. A psychological treatment is therefore advised. The cognitive behavior therapy achieved good results. Goal is to enable the persons concerned again more confidence convey and ways and means to show how stressful situations in the future can better come to them.

Stress is especially if the expectations themselves against and the demands are too high. Dealing with a panic attack once again occurring can be learned here. The distinction between fear and physically occurring symptoms is important. Under the guidance of physical symptoms be provoked so that the patient can learn to deal with them and again a piece ready to give him control over what happened to him. Just who is the fear and works with her instead of against them, has also long-lasting success. The thyroid gland is responsible for recurrent panic attacks, sufferers with a psychotherapy can learn also to deal, but a correct setting of the thyroid is still essential. An underActive thyroxine is the drug of choice, here, it may take some time until the appropriate dosage has been found. This is done, the symptoms disappear within a very short time.

The Distortion Of Reality

Multiple distortions of perception we all have in our daily lives. Let’s say that it is entirely natural that a certain music transport us to another time, or the smell of a perfume put us in touch with your beloved, or the taste of a food remember us to food that was our grandmother, etc. The distortion of perception to flash back is the direct cause of what happens to us sometimes with people. We can arrive at a site and without exchanging any words, such or which person us falls well or badly. In everyday life to this phenomenon usually you call Chemistry or good vibrations. In reality there is never a first encounter, all encounters in the unconscious. Is that the way look of that person, his tone of voice, the color of their eyes or whatever (current perception), puts us in contact in unconscious way, with any significant figure in our life: can be that person dropping me well because it has the same look as my mother, but another can’t stand it because it has a few identical gestures to those of a severe teacher I had in childhood (perception of the past). The emotional burden of the perception of the past has been slid to the current perception, modifying it and setting up our phobias and all our you philias.

We are all sensitive to certain topics. If for example, unresolved problems with the first authority (father figure), any stimulus that is perceived as authoritarian, have been awaken in us a deep anger. Anger that will be disproportionate in relation to the present moment. As well, in the bosom of a psychotherapy, these distortions come into the category of true disorders of perception, because it loads the pathological and suffering they entail, is ultra-high for patients. Let’s imagine that we have suffered a few years ago, a very bulky car with rollover included accident and that what we remember most of it, is the strong smell of gasoline and panic that we felt to imagine the possible fire from the vehicle.

Watson Behavior

On the other hand, Watson denied the role of inheritance as a determinant of behavior since he considered that the conduct is almost exclusively acquired through learning. Today his conception of metaphysical Behaviorism no longer exists.Watson proposed a method for analysis and behavior modification, since for him, the sole object of valid study for psychology was observable behavior. He wanted to make scientific study of Psychology using only objective procedures such as those of the natural sciences for the study of human behaviors. In this way, laid the foundation of what we know today as methodological Behaviorism, which was developed with the passage of time.Although currently Behaviorism is not limited to the study of observable phenomena but also includes internal events (thoughts, images), remains the criterion to relate the theoretical postulates manifest conduct by an approach experimental.We can say that the real takeoff of the behavior therapy occurs after the second world war, developing what is known as neoconductismo. These new behavioral orientations differ to some degree from his predecessors, but at the same time, take many elements of previous learning theorists like Pavlov and Thorndike.A starting from the Decade of the 30, was developed in United States the conditioning operant, as a result of the work conducted by B. F. Skinner and collaborators.

The focus of this psychologist is similar to Watson, that psychology should be the study of observable behavior of individuals in interaction with the environment that surrounds them. Skinner, however, differed from Watson in which internal phenomena, such as feelings, be excluded from the study, holding that they should be studied by the usual scientific methods and giving more importance to the experiments controlled with both animals and humans. His research with animal, centred on the type of learning (instrumental or operant conditioning) that occurs as a result of a stimulus caused by the behaviour of the individual, they proved that the more complex behaviors such as language or solving problems, could study scientifically based on his relationship with the consequences for the subject.In the Decade of the 50 they arise in different places and as a result of the work of independent, current researchers thought that then confluiran.

The Dinner

If we're talking about alcohol, then why not choose the absinthe? This drink is banned almost worldwide. But, like all forbidden, "the green fairy" (also known as absinthe) appreciated in a special way. There are several ways to (its) use. Czech way. One part absinthe is passed through a special spoon (spoon, cup with which the holes or patterns) with a cube of sugar. Then, sugar and ignited, melted, drops added to the absinthe. Then, the resulting drink diluted with three parts water.

Take care: preparing the drink can burn. In this case, do not wait until it goes off, and dilute it with water. Instead of "playing with fire" over the glass, you can immediately heat the spoon and putting sugar on a spoon, pour the absinthe over it. Russian way. Separately cooked sugar syrup is added to pure absinthe. Connoisseurs drink absinthe undiluted oppose.

But "Russian judges" are often not pay attention to them and drink absinthe pure. But beware: absinthe – it's not vodka. So, do not exceed the limit of 30 grams per serving. French way. A glass full of absinthe, places a special spoon with piece of sugar. Through the sugar passes into the glass two or three parts of ice water. In the resulting beverage can add crushed ice. What else? During the dinner, you can give a gift, wrapped in a box in the form of SNP (a set of Building regulations). Congratulations certainly a surprise, but rather to flinch when she saw a painfully familiar abbreviation, and … calm down when he finds within, for example, a set of fondue, or a collection of teas (black, red, green, white). In the age of total miniaturization old desk phone will be an original gift. Wooden cabinet and handset in the style of retro antiques create the impression of the last century. This souvenir will not simply decorate the interior, but a real telephone: because in it – all the features of modern phones! A warm cozy blanket of camel hair warm on cold nights builder offseason, and he gratefully remembers who gave him such a gift. Hookah and the smell of incense, immerse it in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Suppose that at least an hour he would feel in a rich sheikh palace! Quiet gurgle of water in the vessel and the steam soothe and relax. Ailments and ill health – lack of sleep eternal companions and working on drafts – will go away by themselves … Perhaps your builder will assess the current and moonshine by six shots. After all, you can imagine natsedit a glass of first-class liquor at the table! A woman will be pleased to receive a gift of a doll, "Boy." Its feature: it always tells women what they like to hear. For example: "Why do not we go to the mall? Do not you like their new shoes? ":) This doll is possible to hand and a man – as an example to follow. Create a warm and cozy in the house – an inherent quality of all good gifts. A good mood of our builders – it's beauty Cities and comfort of our lives. So, create a mood builder, he – will provide comfort. Especially remembering that you gave him a holiday!

Flat Feet

Often from patients whose problems begin with the foot, you can hear, “Doctor, I had a stone (meaning” stone “at the bottom first toe). I’m afraid that I will be like my mother (or grandmother), “foot and toes which cause an objective sense of fear. If the patient considerable deformation of the foot and toes, often in an injured voice, they say: “This is my inheritance …” Virtually no one, from applying to this situation, does not know that genetics plays the smallest role in the formation of foot deformations. Davavyte understand, what is the is the main reason? Must paralytic, rachitic, posttraumatic) deserve special attention. On the causes of static flatfoot mentioned in the article “Flatfoot may cause headache,” where we celebrated his primary reason – it’s an overload stop as a result of various factors. What is going on with the foot as a result of congestion? To understand this, look at the anatomy and physiology of the foot. The foot contains 26 bones.

All 26 bones are connected between a strong ligaments. In the correct ratio between the foot bones are held by these ligaments and muscles, some of which originates from the knee joint, and part is located at the very foot. When we talk about formation of static flatfoot, in the first place, there is the inability of the muscle as a result of an overload to keep the foot bones in the correct ratio. Overload in most cases, cause long-term work standing up, hard physical labor, heavy weight, physiological, in other words, the age aging muscles, etc. Ie muscles that must support some form of foot, run down and no longer in full is systematic, the foot bones are changing the relationship between them, which leads to a change in the longitudinal arch of the foot and poperchenogo, as if they “settle down” and develop clinical picture, which we denote as flatfoot.

The Rest

Because of this the exact schedule can say that the woman is ready to conceive, only three days per month. How is such an honor will fall days, depending on the length of the menstrual cycle. If ovulation occurs in the middle cycle. And it lasts for 28-30 days, ovulation wait fourteen days after the onset of menstruation, if the same "monthly" visit you every 25 days – will have to release of an egg on the eleventh day. Before conceiving a child to conceive a child, zachatiemChtoby to conceive a child, it is important to be healthy (this remark also applies to men and women). For pregnant women is of particular importance, the condition of the fallopian tubes (they must be flexible, with no restrictions and different kind of obstacles) and the uterus – a healthy and ready to take the ovum. Plus, this woman should be enough good quality cervical mucus that helps sperm to quickly reach his goal. If you thinking about the baby, do not necessarily have a full medical examination.

The exceptions are those women who have had experience ever with gynecological problems, such as infections. In this case, before how to decide on pregnancy, they need to be tested and receive confirmation that all issues are behind us. The rest of expectant mothers before conception rather simple consultation, during which the obstetrician-gynecologist can give some advice. * Lose weight (of course, we are not talking about two to three kilograms, randomly appeared during the holidays).