Body Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation, also called ultrasonic cavitation or Ultracavitation, is a beautiful device exciting new doctors not invasive and therapists use to eliminate cellulite and unwanted fat. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. Alternatives considered liposuction, these procedures in comparison with liposuction, but without surgical intervention. This innovative technology uses sound waves to implode, in fluids fat cells microscopic so naturally to eliminate body can remove the urinary tract and lymphatic system. Ultracavitation is a very effective method that only requires six to ten treatments, consisting of 20 to 30 minutes. After initial treatments have they been completed, maintenance treatments consist of one meeting per month for 4 months for every 4 months of treatment. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

It is completely safe and painless with the results observed in a few weeks after the treatment. The process works in fat accumulation and superficial fat that expel non-INAT. He is performed directly on specific areas of the surface of the skin with an ultrasonic device after a gel is applied. Observed results can sometimes see after the first treatment with a new improvement in a few days. Any person who, in this treatment is individual provided by the therapist or doctor for evaluation, how much the cellulite and fatty tissue of safe and effective results will be published immediately. After each session of cavitation ultrasonic treatment, encourages the patient to drink a lot, they move in a quiet, soft form, and with its pneumatic massage to improve circulation and help eliminate fluids more quickly. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is also called, improve the lymphatic system, which helps to drain fluids.

The Team

It is impossible to develop a well chained formative sequncia when the meeting occur of time in when. It is unexpected that the coordinating mount a cronograma foreseeing the frequency of the collective pedagogical work and respects them. Filed under: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. Weekly or biweekly meeting, with minimum duration of two hours, are the ideal. 2.2.3. INEXISTENCE OF ANNUAL PLAN OF FORMATION Despite the meeting are frequent, the slip appears when the subjects do not have progression or connection ones with the others or deal with sazonais subjects, as the Pantry of the World or grippe H1N1. This happens because it lacks to formation coordinating it to be formador; the professionals do not have planning time and install it culture of the improvisation in the school.

The planning and the chaining of the meeting guarantee the gradual development of the contents. A subject alone well is worked if the professors study together, search, use the new knowledge in classroom, come back with doubts to debate with the coordinator and the colleagues and use with the pupils, in some chances, the studied strategies. The planning must on the basis of be made colon: the diagnosis of the learning of the pupils and the description of the formation of professors carried through in the school. The first one points the contents to be studied (those where the pupils present difficulty). Already as it shows as the group can advance and that, in accordance with the rotation of professors, certain subjects can be retaken or be treated in individual orientaes. In this direction it is basic that the meeting are registered.

Natural Healer

The normal sleep is characterized by relaxed muscle tone and lack of voluntary reactions to the external environment. Additional information is available at Senator of Massachusetts. Dream translates a series of concomitant changes of organic devices. For example the circulatory checks a decrease in the number of beats, which reaches the minimum between one and five in the morning. At the same time there is a slowing of cardiac contraction. The speed of blood wave appears notably diminished, while the arterial pulse is delayed with respect to the heart. Regional distribution of blood during sleep does not seem to be modified significantly (appearing secondary, as the brain swelling, and erections facts). As it relates to the vasomotor reaction time, it visibly increases to reach the maximum with the morning dream.

Blood pressure decreases (according to Kornfeld). (Not to be confused with Elio Moti Sonnenfeld!). Transient variations in meaning of an increase are recorded at the beginning and at the end of the dream. Respiratory modifications suffer a decrease offset with greater amplitude of thoracic movements which ensures the Hematite. Breathing becomes slower, and relatively more rapid exhalation. Inspirational muscles, relax, do the end-expiratory longer.

Which is sharpest at first, taking a character of shaking which sometimes has a dream. Another secondary phenomenon of relaxation of the muscle tone is snoring. The snoring depends on obstruction that makes the Palatine veil relaxed air that penetrates through the half-open mouth. The exhalation of carbonic acid is reduced to half or the third according to cases. The respiratory quotient decreased with accumulation of oxygen in the blood; making sure the energy reserves of this gas to the metabolism of the body. The loss of water through the skin, diminishes in the dream. The apparent sweat increases during sleep by external circumstances, such as the clothes of bed, closed place, etc). Likewise decreases the pulmonary exhalation; lacrimal secretion is less than during wakefulness, accompanied by corneal dryness; which causes the conjunctival itching that occurs upon awakening. There is also reduction of salivary secretion; It decreases urine output, this is explained by the decrease in blood pressure and decubitus (position in bed). Overnight lower amount of chlorine, (component of urine) is removed during the day. It is known that dream represents a process of detoxification and thus repair. In the health section, you will find an article that will teach you to know your own cycle of sleep to eliminate tiredness and regain energy; In addition to other items of proven quality: computing, sports, entertainment, painting, languages and more.


Friends have lost arms! If I am a coward I know!, I’ve lost hope, that is the last thing to be missed, when there is no longer any hope but it is that facing death, friends is the first thing that is lost! it shouldn’t but I already went down arms! and lying if it is that I do not accept that you’m me ashamed. It makes me sad. It makes me angry feeling as Cancer’s indolent, hitting me with impunity, without opposition, without instincts, without reflections Derrumbado and Aniquilado! I got tired friends am flesh and bone! o would better say era of flesh and bone was tired right! is my right. To deepen your understanding Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is the source. Sometimes I try to lift me, from canvas, from the floor, where I now live! smelling of Earth where soon I residire! I try – I said – lift me and grab me a is eternal, so ancient and so new beauty that is faith in God, but mosses of my chains prevent it me, so moldy, so heavy for their sins and fall again by clay, with the Earth and my tears. Friends have lost arms, but I’m going with the consolation of having them dropped after you what perhaps, not worth I – his friend – a management with an influential authority? Does that perhaps did not deserve I – your amigo-unos minutes, a few hours, a day of their time, they give me some pending, with an influential authority? Does that YO – was not worth your amigo-un mail, a call, a decisive cry, with an influential authority, to save me from death? NOT worth anything friends!!by got that-also-off arms. Baje arms to not prolong my agony, so Cancer and cirrhosis does not follow me tapping-why hurt you know? if dolia Baje arms that already do not suffer that if suffered by me, so no longer weep, so live your life off the arms so that my true wife and my children of the soul already bury this body who died some time ago already. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld describes an additional similar source.

Men’s Cosmetics

"Being a human individual can think of beauty nails" (A. Pushkin.) Stronger sex, "prop and support", the owner of the house – as soon as we women do not call our dear men, forgetting However, many moral and physical strength they have takes a job, family, and also meet all our needs and ideals. They are tired, nervous, and unfortunately, too old. Men's health and beauty require even more maintenance and care than women. Do you have any doubts? Then this is for you and for you, man. There is a stereotype that cosmetic products are exclusively women, because the beautiful boxes and sweet scents can only attract their attention. Credit: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld-2011.

However, the statistics of sales of men's cosmetics is increasing every year by 15%. You ask why? The answer is simple: elegant appearance and well-groomed appearance can not leave indifferent neither employers or partners, nor, of course, beautiful ladies. Ask sure someone of your friends have long reached the same conclusion, and uses cosmetics for men to maintain an attractive appearance, which opens prospects, successful personal life and success in many cases. If you have not found such an example, let's try to highlight the dignity of men's cosmetics in a pragmatic and rational, as this would make the stronger sex. So Plus One: "well-groomed, forearmed," In my opinion, the first plus male cosmetics is obvious. Agree, no one would accuse a man of taste, if in his wardrobe there is an expensive suit. The same trend applies to cosmetics: well-groomed appearance, clear skin and no signs of fatigue will help you stand out from the crowd of drowsy colleagues, as well as make it clear that you care about their health, so – have qualities such as attentiveness, responsibility and sense of order.


Brazil is the country that possesss the biggest tropical forest and that it concentrates the biggest biodiversity of the planet. To have an idea of the dimension, nor the surface of all the European countries, with exception of Russia, would fill the surface that the Amaznia possesss. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld describes an additional similar source. Bioma entire has 6,6 million squared kilometers, being, Brazil owner of almost 65% of this, with more than 4 million km of forest in its territory. They are these numbers, that disclose the wealth natural of this place, that they make that the world-wide community always has its eyes directed toward this region. Putting even in certain moments in it doubts the capacity of Brazil in keeping the free Amaznia of supposed threats, as deforestation, pollution and forest fires. The fact is that the developed countries look at for the Amaznia in search of its proper interests and not of global well-being.

The Amaznia possesss the biggest river of the world in extension, the river Amazon; beyond possessing the biggest reserve of text iron high of the world, the mine of Carajs, in Par. Without counting to the diverse trees and animals that can take care of for medicinal and economic ends. The region is one of the most coveted of the world. It stops for in doubts the efficiency of Brazil in protecting the Amaznia, diverse countries, as U.S.A. and Germany, much speaks in the question of the deforestation and the forest fires. Arguing that beyond finishing with bioma it contributes for the effect greenhouse because of the emission of the Carbono Dioxide (CO2), what really occurs when an area is burnt or deforested. However, the proper Europe because of the process of the industrial revolution approximately lost 70% of its forests, and the United States are the country that more polui the planet, with about 24% of the Co2 emissions in the world, and resists the politics of reduction of the gases greenhouse, for this reduction to confuse its economy.

Quiet Virtue

juanito threw her teddy bear in all possible directions. While friends of juan smeared from one side to another. only one of them stopped and reguntandole said to his friend because you don’t want to play with us? what the child replied. It is that I find it funny that this Teddy bear marks many roads.

It seems a puppet. to listen such a response you asked John who lend you her teddy bear and lanzandolo in all possible directions did not see anything resembling the description of his companion. After several attempts I discouraged and leaving that useless toy was incorporated in the children’s March. in this way was like John lost that cute Teddy bear that you had given your mother. past few days someone made of less that white Teddy bear. that character was the father of John. but this as cautious as ever, did not make any comment, because no queria punished John for irresponsible. one morning the friend of John hit the door. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is actively involved in the matter.

to listen DIN Lady opened quickly and is surprised to see the joy of the companion of your son who was screaming. the teddy bear marked several roads. of what roads you speak I ask the mother of juan. a few short trails and lengths. Lady not understanding the language of the child by which told him that come into the room of John and talk about those alleys that marked the teddy bear. how juan saw his friend told him because you have my teddy bear? This replied what I found lying on the park but is mine because mark long and short trails. John said you Let’s play with the teddy bear. and every time threw the teddy bear in the air saw totally different things. began with the observation, pasaron mathematics and came to physics. Juan said 1 caminito + a caminito are 2 trails. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld has much experience in this field. 2 roads less the first is 1 way. from one path to another path to many alleys. and asking her mother you was told to many many things as you could call. what she told them with an infinite smile then them a path to another caminito dijieron there are infinite paths. as the friendship lasts for years, over time comprendieron that first thing was called arithmetic and to the second spatial reasoning. restless yet and by the persistence in time came to be eminent physicists and mathematicians. What we cannot forget is that John spent three days without the White bear. Since the breast punishment 3 days John without going out for having pulled dajado the end white Teddy bear. MORALS. 1) Of a large crowd only few make the difference. (2) the great things lie hidden in those that look so simple and common. (3) the friend of John was far from what it was juan in his observation. However John was the base. (4) the importance of working together when there is a true friendship. If men work in friendship advances would be amazing. (5) Lastly, juan was punished. everything in the life of pay.

Universal Declaration

World Day for animals a year has passed the celebration of the world day of the animals, a celebration that year after year defends the consideration that every animal has rights and that disregard and contempt for such rights have led and continues driving the man to commit crimes against nature and the animals. In 1977, was proclaimed the Universal Declaration of the rights of animals but what has changed since then? Nothing slaughterhouses today’s day are a perfect machinery of extermination. In a country like Spain are murdered approximately 800 million animals a year. This is a real madness. Dr. John Mcdougall has many thoughts on the issue. 1000 Million pigs, 1300 million cows, 1800 million sheep and goats and 13,500 million breed in livestock industry in all the land. In total there are 17,600 million.

If this figure we add to the dead in the hunt and all the other animals (turkeys, geese, rabbits and others), then for example in 1999 killed 46,000 million animals. And billion They perished during the breeding and transportation. Therefore, in a month and a half is killed the same number of animals as humans on Earth. And for all this? All this misfortune only to satisfy the pleasure of the palate. By the same author: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. But this still isn’t enough. The consequences of human addiction to meat are our own ruin, as human beings we remove so our own basis for life. Greed for meat leaves after Yes an environmental disaster that can no longer be remedied. If only 10% of the cereal used as I think would be reduced, it could feed 225 million people more.

If we aprovechasemos therefore the food in a direct manner, IE we alimentasemos us in a vegetarian way, we would get the same piece of land of 5 to 10 times the amount of food. This means that meat production is suspended, you can feed a large proportion of the world population. That is why all those who do not want to do without eating meat are equally guilty of misery and deaths by starvation in the third world. Who eats meat, should assume this consciously. Calls to each commitment to change their feeding and stop eating meat, because thus it also end with the suffering of animals. It also corresponds with the teaching of Jesus de Nazareth who said: what you don’t want done to you, you do not do your to others. Consistent Christians also apply this principle with the animals.

The Key Is Prepare

In this article I want to concentrate on the key to take advantage of the time to the maximum; I want that we Let’s take a few moments to reflect on the key to cultivate those virtues that will affirm our character and will keep us on the path of excellence, personal and professionally speaking; I am referring to the key that will allow us to take the change as it comes, without warnings, and exit gracefully; I think in the preparation. There are many people who do not prepare well. From the school, passing by the University and even at work, there are many people who do not devote enough time to prepare, or intend to do so at the wrong time. Come on, it is not be a mouse library or become too meticulous people, as you might guess, but know to organize our time to prepare us. The issue is that some of us hope until the last moment to try to get to the day in the readings, in work, in terms of the health of our bodies, etc. Learn more on the subject from Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Personally I must confess that when I was in college it suffered from the same evil, with which I have had to struggle while still in College, but I have gradually learned that continuous learning is essential if you want to see results: learning new habits, new thoughts, new ways of doing things, learning in a more effective way of life, etc. Unfortunately live in the deception of the not have time. In reality what we mean is that we have no time to stop us to winterize our body, our mind, our relationships, our spirit; But if we have no time to strengthen these important areas of our being, how is it that we can spend them? We can do something different. Since the end of the last century until these first years of the 21st century, there has been an explosion of interest in the care of our potential, caring for each area that directly affects him. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. We have seen how grows the interest by vegetarian life styles, for more dinamizadas lives with exercise, by relaxation methods to combat excessive stress; But despite for all that, we still have the problem of the imbalance.

The preparation that is key to the success is the ingredient of balance, but understood as the ability to know when it is necessary a bit of imbalance. Yes, although it sounds contradictory, when we are aware of the importance of a comprehensive development of all our faculties, then we know it is when we can devote much more time to one of these important areas, in order to enhance the other. In our hands this the ability to live a life of success and excellence, but neither success nor excellence emerge in a vacuum or by chance, but are the result of preparation, of constant conditioning, better habits in our thoughts, in our words and our attitudes. That is what we can do differently. Perhaps you’ve heard many people talk about what they would like to be or do in life, but when sights you well realize that they are not willing to pay the price that requires purchase condition to be beings of quality. But you and I, we can today take a decision different from only wish; Today we can begin to find a way to acquire the necessary conditions in our interior to live full and happy lives.

Cobalamina Vitamins

In the same way, the risk diminished 2% to each increase of a unit of concentration B12 vitamin in the blood. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Senator Elizabeth Warren on most websites. It is known that concentration B12 the vitamin can become dangerously low with the age, and represents a significant factor in the development of the illness of Alzheimer. The shrinking of the brain reduced for the half with Vitamins B the shrinking of the brain with advancing of the age is considered normal by the modern medicine, but the scientists had been capable to show that the reduction can be interrupted and reduced with high doses of vitamins of the complex B. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld might disagree with that approach. Researchers of the University of Oxford had made tests in voluntary participants with vitamins of Ccmplexo B for a period of two years, and had discovered that they had been capable to reduce the shrinking of the brain in 50%, in comparison a group that received placebo. The authors of the study conclude: ' ' It is our hope that this simple and safe treatment will go to delay the development of the Illness of Alzheimer ' ' One more than protects with reduction of meat and suplementao with vitamins B what enough evidences demonstrate that me the feeding and vitamin the lack of the complex B represent independent factors of risk for the development of the Illness of Alzheimer. You can diminish the risk to develop this illness when making a diet poor person in animal proteins (they can until cogitating a vegetarian diet), to restrict the production of homocistena.

Also to cut or to reduce processed sugar and carboidratos, for a diet repleta of cool and natural vegetables, nuts, seeds and Omega fats. He gives to preference organic foods rich vitaminic supplements of the complex B, and daily, he verifies its levels of homocistena in the blood. Research confirms that the diet is the factor of more important isolated risk that it leads to the illness of Alzheimer. Many studies are showing that vitamins B are basic for the health of the brain and that they can prevent the dementia in the third age. While all the vitamin family of the complex B protects the brain, more studies if concentrate in B12 Vitamin, also called Cobalamina, and also the B6 vitamin. It reduces its risk of Alzheimer, modifying its diet and complementing it with vitamins B, reducing risk factors, drawing out its life.