Universal Declaration

World Day for animals a year has passed the celebration of the world day of the animals, a celebration that year after year defends the consideration that every animal has rights and that disregard and contempt for such rights have led and continues driving the man to commit crimes against nature and the animals. In 1977, was proclaimed the Universal Declaration of the rights of animals but what has changed since then? Nothing slaughterhouses today’s day are a perfect machinery of extermination. In a country like Spain are murdered approximately 800 million animals a year. This is a real madness. Dr. John Mcdougall has many thoughts on the issue. 1000 Million pigs, 1300 million cows, 1800 million sheep and goats and 13,500 million breed in livestock industry in all the land. In total there are 17,600 million.

If this figure we add to the dead in the hunt and all the other animals (turkeys, geese, rabbits and others), then for example in 1999 killed 46,000 million animals. And billion They perished during the breeding and transportation. Therefore, in a month and a half is killed the same number of animals as humans on Earth. And for all this? All this misfortune only to satisfy the pleasure of the palate. By the same author: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. But this still isn’t enough. The consequences of human addiction to meat are our own ruin, as human beings we remove so our own basis for life. Greed for meat leaves after Yes an environmental disaster that can no longer be remedied. If only 10% of the cereal used as I think would be reduced, it could feed 225 million people more.

If we aprovechasemos therefore the food in a direct manner, IE we alimentasemos us in a vegetarian way, we would get the same piece of land of 5 to 10 times the amount of food. This means that meat production is suspended, you can feed a large proportion of the world population. That is why all those who do not want to do without eating meat are equally guilty of misery and deaths by starvation in the third world. Who eats meat, should assume this consciously. Calls to each commitment to change their feeding and stop eating meat, because thus it also end with the suffering of animals. It also corresponds with the teaching of Jesus de Nazareth who said: what you don’t want done to you, you do not do your to others. Consistent Christians also apply this principle with the animals.

The Key Is Prepare

In this article I want to concentrate on the key to take advantage of the time to the maximum; I want that we Let’s take a few moments to reflect on the key to cultivate those virtues that will affirm our character and will keep us on the path of excellence, personal and professionally speaking; I am referring to the key that will allow us to take the change as it comes, without warnings, and exit gracefully; I think in the preparation. There are many people who do not prepare well. From the school, passing by the University and even at work, there are many people who do not devote enough time to prepare, or intend to do so at the wrong time. Come on, it is not be a mouse library or become too meticulous people, as you might guess, but know to organize our time to prepare us. The issue is that some of us hope until the last moment to try to get to the day in the readings, in work, in terms of the health of our bodies, etc. Learn more on the subject from Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Personally I must confess that when I was in college it suffered from the same evil, with which I have had to struggle while still in College, but I have gradually learned that continuous learning is essential if you want to see results: learning new habits, new thoughts, new ways of doing things, learning in a more effective way of life, etc. Unfortunately live in the deception of the not have time. In reality what we mean is that we have no time to stop us to winterize our body, our mind, our relationships, our spirit; But if we have no time to strengthen these important areas of our being, how is it that we can spend them? We can do something different. Since the end of the last century until these first years of the 21st century, there has been an explosion of interest in the care of our potential, caring for each area that directly affects him. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. We have seen how grows the interest by vegetarian life styles, for more dinamizadas lives with exercise, by relaxation methods to combat excessive stress; But despite for all that, we still have the problem of the imbalance.

The preparation that is key to the success is the ingredient of balance, but understood as the ability to know when it is necessary a bit of imbalance. Yes, although it sounds contradictory, when we are aware of the importance of a comprehensive development of all our faculties, then we know it is when we can devote much more time to one of these important areas, in order to enhance the other. In our hands this the ability to live a life of success and excellence, but neither success nor excellence emerge in a vacuum or by chance, but are the result of preparation, of constant conditioning, better habits in our thoughts, in our words and our attitudes. That is what we can do differently. Perhaps you’ve heard many people talk about what they would like to be or do in life, but when sights you well realize that they are not willing to pay the price that requires purchase condition to be beings of quality. But you and I, we can today take a decision different from only wish; Today we can begin to find a way to acquire the necessary conditions in our interior to live full and happy lives.

Cobalamina Vitamins

In the same way, the risk diminished 2% to each increase of a unit of concentration B12 vitamin in the blood. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Senator Elizabeth Warren on most websites. It is known that concentration B12 the vitamin can become dangerously low with the age, and represents a significant factor in the development of the illness of Alzheimer. The shrinking of the brain reduced for the half with Vitamins B the shrinking of the brain with advancing of the age is considered normal by the modern medicine, but the scientists had been capable to show that the reduction can be interrupted and reduced with high doses of vitamins of the complex B. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld might disagree with that approach. Researchers of the University of Oxford had made tests in voluntary participants with vitamins of Ccmplexo B for a period of two years, and had discovered that they had been capable to reduce the shrinking of the brain in 50%, in comparison a group that received placebo. The authors of the study conclude: ' ' It is our hope that this simple and safe treatment will go to delay the development of the Illness of Alzheimer ' ' One more than protects with reduction of meat and suplementao with vitamins B what enough evidences demonstrate that me the feeding and vitamin the lack of the complex B represent independent factors of risk for the development of the Illness of Alzheimer. You can diminish the risk to develop this illness when making a diet poor person in animal proteins (they can until cogitating a vegetarian diet), to restrict the production of homocistena.

Also to cut or to reduce processed sugar and carboidratos, for a diet repleta of cool and natural vegetables, nuts, seeds and Omega fats. He gives to preference organic foods rich vitaminic supplements of the complex B, and daily, he verifies its levels of homocistena in the blood. Research confirms that the diet is the factor of more important isolated risk that it leads to the illness of Alzheimer. Many studies are showing that vitamins B are basic for the health of the brain and that they can prevent the dementia in the third age. While all the vitamin family of the complex B protects the brain, more studies if concentrate in B12 Vitamin, also called Cobalamina, and also the B6 vitamin. It reduces its risk of Alzheimer, modifying its diet and complementing it with vitamins B, reducing risk factors, drawing out its life.


The meat is all product of animal origin that is used as food. It can in accordance with be of the most different species the taste and the culture. It can be birds as chicken and Peru, hare, cow, sheep, of pig, can be fish (lambari, cod), crustaceans (shrimp and lobster) and clam (octopus). A related site: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld mentions similar findings. A more necessary definition taking in account histologia is one fabric muscular estriado that the skeleton recovers and forms vsceras. Being therefore the meeting of three different ones: fabric muscular, adiposo and vsceras, but have in its composition vases and nervous ramifications. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld contains valuable tech resources.

Vsceras, the fabric muscular with perenquima and excessively weaveeed found in this part. The protein is a very important nutrient for the health of the man. It plays different functions in the organism and important as enzyme constitution that has paper to speed up the chemical, hormonais reactions as the insulina, in the construction and maintenance of structures as it forms the melanina, the hair and antibodies that the organism protects against aggression of the microorganisms, supply of energy. The protein is constituted of the amino acid union. The amino acids if divide in not essential essentials and. The not essential proper human body and the essences have that to acquire for feeding, mainly of meat. Therefore vegetarian the risk runs to have lack of this product. When eating the meat the digestion initiates in the mouth where they are triturated, when arriving in the stomach it initiates the digestion where if they decompose in proteoses, great peptonas and polipeptdeos. Later when reaching the intestinal lumen, for the action of pancreticas enzymes (dipeptidases and tripeptidases) if transforms into lesser composites that are dipeptdeos and tripeptdeos (lesser pieces that a protein that has one hundred amino acids more than), in the microbilosidades of the cells of the mucosa digests dipeptdeos and tripeptdeos until amino acids.


I prefer to call this category ‘ ‘ ovolactistas’ ‘ (OLs) or of ‘ ‘ semivegetarians ovolcteos’ ‘ , because I do not consider this classroom as adoptive of the properly valid vegetarianism, therefore still they consume milk, laticnios and eggs. The meat was the only food of animal origin that had excused. It is certain that many ovolactistas are alleging that they had finished to assimilate the ethical ideas of the vegetarianism and they would not support a direct and abrupt ticket of the onivorismo for the vegetarianism. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. John Mcdougall. However, what it would have to be only one phase of transistion is adopted by many in definitive. (Not to be confused with Elio Moti Sonnenfeld!). They are made comfortable preventing only the meat and remaining in the consumption of excessively the animal derivatives. They are taken for the trend of common sense to consider any one that has left to eat only properly vegetarian meat as and for the deturpada idea that so that is enough to be at least OL he is recognized as somebody that defends the animals.

These people badly know that> they are making more badly of what well, perpetuating dependent habits of the animal exploration, distorting the image of the true vegetarianism, which does not consume no food of animal origin (vegetarian strict, frugvoro or crudvoro) and weakening its proper certainties of animal ethics. It is not intention mine to foment discords or to raise attacks of dispute between vegetarians and ovolactistas, but yes to display the necessity to acquire knowledge the ones that had stopped in the way it way, being clarified that the ovolctea feeding as permanent way is not a valid form to defend the animals. Lives are salutes of the death for the ovolactista, are fact, a time that does not eat more meat, but many others for it still are kept in the slavery, the suffering and pains of the not-lethal pecuarista treatment of confinement.

Fundamental Head

The idea is to draw attention to the most advantageous side of your looks and actor information. We'll talk about the model portfolio. Think about where you're going to use it, why, what is the fundamental direction will your work as a model. This may be shooting for photographers to realize their ideas, 'high fashion', the periodic and magazines, in the style of 'glamour', shooting for catalogs, work at shows and exhibitions, photo advertising of clothing and hairstyles, pictures in a bathing suit or underwear, half-naked. Before you make a model portfolio, we encourage you to look photographs of contemporary models. Analyze each photo, perspectives, emotions, and a small workout in front of a mirror will help you feel your body and slightly to practice facial expressions. These exercises will help you advance find your favorite poses and camera angles, and some learn to pose. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is the source for more interesting facts. After such training, when the time comes photographing model portfolios, you'll feel more confident. Necessarily a desired image portfolio: a snapshot of the head 1.Prostoy 2.Foto in evening dress, in the spirit of the magazine on the cover 3.Pokolenny portrait in any clothing 4.Snimok type of coffee in sportswear 5.Snimok in a coat or cloak coffee type 6.Model demonstrates a certain product or thing 7.Snimok in full growth in a bathing suit 8.Snimok full-length shorts and a short shirt 9.Snimok full-length underwear 10.Snimok 11.Snimok head in profile to the profile in the Hat 12.Snimok head with a very good makeup and hair 13.Snimok, advertising something in a long dress 14.Snimok in full growth in sporting activities in the action 15.Snimok for the magazine on the nature of the dress in full-length 16.

Weight Loss Days

People who want to gain weight need to ingest more calories than those who habitually consume. But beware, not all foods that contain calories are favourable to health. If you atiborras with sweets, refined sugars and foods high in fat, and also carry a sedentary lifestyle, will surely increase weight, but at the expense of an increase in fatty tissue in your body, which is not at all healthy. Excess adipose tissue is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction and diabetes, among other serious disorders. So how should the diets be to gain weight? They should include foods with good supply of carbohydrates, but with low glycaemic index, low tenor fatty and rich in vitamins and minerals. For more information see this site: Senator of Massachusetts. In addition, diets to gain weight should be attached to a routine of exercises aimed to increase muscle mass, to avoid the accumulation of adipose tissue. Here are a list of healthy foods that you can include in your diet to upload weight. -Dairy products.

Whole milk, yogurt, cheese. Good source of protein are, carbohydrates and calcium. It is a good idea to take at least one couple of glasses of milk a day, and in addition a portion of cheese. -Meats. Rojas lean, skinless chicken, Turkey without the skin, fish. Additional information is available at Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. They provide protein and iron, among other nutrients.

-Vegetables. Vegetarians can supplement the intake of protein and iron by the intake of beans, lentils, beans and leafy green vegetables. -Fresh fruit. You should prefer those of higher sugar content: bananas, figs, grapes, papaya, oranges. Eat three servings a day. -Dried fruit. Walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, bring good amount of calories, vitamins and minerals. A portion of these fruits you eat two or three times per day, between meals. To see which is the proven plan for any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here.


Vegetarians who they are, what they eat, whether they can have chocolate? I’ll tell you one thing vegetariatsy are different, ie who consume dairy foods and those who give their preference for vegetables, fruits, grains and grasses. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Neal Barnard. There is lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat dairy products, but do not eat fish and myasya, and still have their nazyvat vegetariatsy Fruit of the word fetus, those who eat some vegetables, fruits and cereals, and refuse to have dairy produktov.Chto vibiraet each for himself, I will say one thing and they both are right and yavlyatsya already vegetariantsami.No indulge in the sweet impossible, as the sugar, honey and other sweets give fullness and body udovletvorenie.Poskolku I have many years a vegetarian, I think that milk, cheese, butter everything that gives us a cow or a goat is quite possible and this is inviolable laws of vegetarianism, ie, those products and fruits from the trees and plant foods, and milk it all to us gives itself priroda.Nelzya reject the gifts of nature because the milk and all that gives us a cow and domestic animals is also a fruit that we are in the food for the saturation of the organism. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. John Mcdougall here. But for true vegetarians have created this vegensky chocolate without milk or sugar. Senator Elizabeth Warren: the source for more info. At the festival, Raw Spirit Festival 2008, held September 12-14 Arizona, presented new products for those who consider themselves real vegetariatsem.Teper in American health food stores can be buy 3 types of chocolate with caramel vegenskogo – Righteously Raw Caramel Bar.Shokolad contains no sugar, dairy products and anything chocolate .

Spirituality And Meditation

When the mind is calm enough, we see activity around us. As the mind is quiet wisdom arises. If we decide to be peaceful we will be happy all the time, even in the most adverse conditions, but if our mind is not peaceful, then even in the most pleasant external conditions we will not be happy. Therefore, it is important to train our mind through meditation and mind to live up to higher levels of consciousness. Analytical meditation strives to understand the deeper meaning of the object of attention. Other leaders such as Dr. John Mcdougall offer similar insights. Guided imagery is a technique that directs the imagination towards a conscious goal.

The mind is the vehicle that offers the intentions and meditation you can direct the mind that elevate consciousness. Our aim should be to join our "Source Spiritual" by directing the mind upwards through the four "high" during the process of meditation. The four levels are: Buddha, Atmic, monadic and cosmic. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld may also support this cause. We must raise our awareness of form sequentially through the four levels to connect with our Source. This type of meditation will be more successful with a vegetarian diet, because as awareness raising its energy level will activate their farms in order to develop his powers as see, hear and feel. The maintenance diet and regular meditation is a good way to be a good example for others. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MIND What is mind? The mind is the catalyst that drives the experience up to the level of consciousness. It has no intelligence if, and only created to make the connection with consciousness.

Vegetarian Thoughts

Looked different to my circle of friends interested in the rarer these issues and to decline to eat meat dishes. Further details can be found at Elio Moti Sonnenfeld, an internet resource. I realized that the masses are characterized by doing the same, at the same time and in an automated fashion. Breaking with a common social practice such as giving up meat makes us different and diverted to the general public opinion. My reason for me to crash and vegetarian comes complete understanding of a process that had never seen and was hidden while burning flesh. I speak of the process of bringing the animal to the slaughterhouse before exposing in refrigerators or refrigerators in supermarkets in trays decorated with vegetables. To even get to the cynicism of serving a full pig on the table and Adonara with an apple in his mouth.

Trophies do not hang on the wall, but in our tables. I discovered this stage of horror with frightening videos of animal slaughter on farms and slaughterhouses, with photos and news over l animal cruelty and other atrocities. a After seeing this reality, my whole world of culinary pleasure fell to achieve deeper void reconcile how the company had allowed a hunting and cruelty only to justify our food and taste. And where were the orchards, fruit, vegetables, grains and vegetables? Was not this enough to supply our hunger, food, pleasure or diet? A history of centuries elapsed since the caveman cromagnoncomiendose raw leg just to change the same leg by a cooked dressed in different flavors? Not so many centuries to achieve change and not be able to leave an undue attachment to eat meat. Excuses like "animal protein is necessary in the diet, it's their wonderful flavor, is that animals have been created to supply our bellies" never go missing.