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Germany Hotel

Through our exceptional capacities, we have exceptional meeting requests. Our staff must be therefore flexible. Thus, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers. “, says Matthias Harr, Director at the hotel Sonnenhugel.” “The commitment has paid off: the Association of German travel management (VDR) has the hotel Sonnenhugel 2006 the award certified Conference Hotel” awarded. Include not only the meeting rooms at the hotel Sonnenhugel dinner atmosphere for large events up to 900 people. Also the catering of big companies is easy for the 4-star hotel.

“Alone the three restaurants Frankenland”, view of the Castle and tiny corner “cover some 600 guests. On request can be coordinated in the Ballroom, where up to 500 other people can take place. Relax program after work a round swimming, fitness program the Relieve the stress of the day or come to rest in the wellness program: In the hotel Sonnenhugel there to relax various possibilities. Relax after work can the guest in the Sun Hill Exposition”. The sauna garden is located right next door.

After a massage in the beauty farm, the guest is fit and rested for the next day. In Hotel Sonnenhugel, the guest may be the evening according to his personal ideas. He wants to be pampered by the staff with cocktails he should go in a fireplace bar of the House. In a quaint atmosphere he can sit here comfortably with colleagues. In the Piazzetta, a DJ sets up dance music. Programme can be each meeting with us to the experience, because we cooperate with strong partners, which enable. “, says Harr.” The off-road terrain by Pro-log is very near of the hotel Sonnenhugel. Pro-log is a provider of professional rally logistics. Here the Conference or seminar participants can face unusual challenges. Quads, trucks or jeeps whether as a single challenge, rally as team competition: Pro log employees overcome their limits and develop a sense of community. In the middle of Germany Sun hill located in the middle of Germany, in the spa town of Bad Kissingen. Due to the central location the hotel can be quickly and easily via the A7 motorway and reach A71. For questions about bookings and the Organization of seminars, conferences and congresses, Mario Dehmer, economic Director at the hotel Sonnenhugel, assist, Tel. 0971-830 available. About the hotel Sonnenhugel Bad Kissingen Hotel Sonnenhugel Bad Kissingen is one of the largest four star hotels on the square. 400 rooms offer accommodation averaged 130,000 per year. Approximately 160 employees are under the direction of hotel Director Matthias Harr for an excellent service. This hotel offers a variety of certifications is characterized by a varied offer in the area of gastronomy and wellness and relaxation. In the Conference and Congress area, hotel Sonnenhugel offers a variety Possibilities. 25 meeting rooms and two Muli function halls accommodate up to 900 people out of ten. Contact: Hotel Sonnenhugel bad Kamble Belastingen Mario Dalmar economic Director Burgstrasse 15 97688 Bad Kissingen phone: 0971-830 fax: 0971-834828 email: Internet: moser communicates. oHG Agency for brand communication Erika Maier Presse-and public relations Berlin course 12 97080 Wurzburg telephone: 0931/467906-28 fax: 0931/467906-50 E-mail: Internet:


Many men are enthusiastic about the sport; may be, that she sometimes even eager Athletes were, but it is also not always the case, if it attracts a man in front of the TV or in the stadium. They are sometimes no active athletes, but her heart beats faster at every shot goal, when every victory of the beloved team. Not a football game, not a boxing match or maybe even a game of tennis may be missed now. Since you have to hold even, get through friends, acquaintances or even just so coveted tickets. What could be better to see the favourite team live and to experience it all in the stadium itself.

So maybe you are choosing a football weekend at the club or for a practical gift certificate for the permanent car wash. You can give the man a wellness voucher. He then let the stress of the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind, forget all the worries and relax. The wellness takes place regardless of the weather.Different massages, baths are offered here, it is good if you have all the necessary things to: slippers, bathing suits, a Towel, bathrobe, shampoo. After the spa day, you feel like a new person. You can invite the man to the excavator testing excavator fun experience. It is then, as earlier in childhood, the boy with pleasure in the sandbox playing.

And the kids also very much like to watch how a backhoe performs its work. The excavator lifting manholes, carries large mountain masses. But now an adult, which is perhaps far away from this area and understands nothing of it, but was always an excavator, can experience itself. He should try it yourself. He can now even remember how it feels to control such a large machine. So, the man gets the experience of the power and technical precision there as a gift.

Demand Portal Wishdomcom

“The first request portal on the Internet, was again a top celebrities for a wish-fulfillment win Udo Walz, society hairdresser and top-stylist, is the perfect head on January 21, 2009 the wishdom participants Mrs Brigitte Krebs ‘ Miss. Berlin just as many others, was also Udo Walz spontaneously from the idea of wishdom – enthusiastic request portal and will fulfill that desire free. Since inception in June 2007 have already registered tens of thousands of users on and outed with their wishes. The band ranges from very personal wishes out to life dreams, which are to be met. wishdom makes it easy for its users: requests can be deposited for free and anywhere the chance is greater that these wishes also come true. The balance sheet: For 650 were thousands wishes already actually met by individuals, institutions and prominent.

“A concept, that E.g. the German Stern magazine” this has moved to a top trend of the future to choose. Wishes fulfilled the hit list of one of the first big gifts have been awarded over, Klemens from Salzburg was the Rolls Royce of Rudi Mooshammer of Rolls Royce went to the user. Amateur boxer Robert E.g. wished to fight against a world champion: sought the appropriate contacts, and the user he climbed in Hamburg with Zsolt Erdei in the ring and held out for at least 30 minutes! Meets caring also trips we were with Ferraris, Hummers and Lamborghinis, a children’s facility, a trip to Las Vegas, high-end PCs and vocal recordings in a professional recording studio, wellness – and beauty-days. The beauty of the system wishdom: community members are even eager giver and meet each other so many large and small request with its possibilities for the wishdom motto is “Give and take”. For more information or cooperation: Press Office of wishdom AG Tom Michel marketing & communications CH-6330 Cham, Sinserstr. 65,. Contact: Office Berlin Tel: 279 34 E-Mail: Internet: