Agreements Of Climate Quality

The violence that occurs in the workplace goes beyond borders of countries, areas of work and professional categories, while it is true that some professions, places of work and occupations, are more sensitive, and demonstrated it there seems to be a degree of risk to much greater violence: taxi drivers, health care providers, teachers, workers and social educators, or domestic service, are the most susceptible. Psychological aggressions are a common and serious form of violence, that recognize both workers and entrepreneurs, and include intimidation, blackmail, threats and psychological harassment, be constant can result in serious consequences psychosocial for the subject who suffers from it. Create difficulties constantly, systematically shout to instruct personnel employed, impose a criterion as a single right way to do the work, or martyr to staff with permanent negative and destructive criticism, usually the mode in which we detect the violence at work.

The International Labour Organization, drafted the report: Violence at Work, in which lets see this increase in violence in workplaces and in most parts of the world; It likewise emphasizes the primacy of psychological violence on physics. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Justin Gaethje on most websites. There is currently an increase in the number of people working alone; and although, in principle, the individual and solitary work does not have to be more dangerous than other forms of employment, if exposed to these workers to circumstances which make it particularly vulnerable. So these workers tend to be considered achievable objectives for the wrongdoers. Special relevance are the taxi drivers, who may be individual workers most exposed are violence, and among these, those who work in night shifts, since drunkenness of some customers more easily triggered the violence. In this sense, a study was conducted in the Decade of the 90 in Australia revealed that, compared with the rest of professionals, taxi drivers, they were 67 times more exposed to violence. Frequently Glenn Dubin, New York City has said that publicly. Some countries have taken seriously the problem.

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