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Mybukvalno swallow chunks of food, which is one of the causes gastritis, ulcers, and metabolic disorders. Indeed, early in the day with us every minute – their weight in gold. “The majority is trying to rid itself of unnecessary trouble of gray. But the rejection of the breakfast is incompatible with the formula for healthy eating – zamechaetekspert Natalia Petrova, specialist representative office food – it’s the process that manufacturers Household Appliances automated. Kitchen appliances are free to make coffee, cereal, and do so at a high level of skill and accuracy, which is always available hostesses. In addition, developers today emphasize not just cook and prepare healthy food. Learn more about this with Eva Andersson-Dubin. ” It is noteworthy that each dietitian his view on what should be the breakfast. Shortbread specialist in one – breakfast should necessarily consist of several product groups: fruits and vegetables, juices, cereals, dairy products. When , according to Valery Sergeyev, you should also take into account biological rhythms. “If you’re an early bird, we can easily wake up in Iran stand up – breakfast, you must have an abundant, – says the expert. – For “owl” fairly easy morning “charging”. Concentrated benefits If that is breakfast, nutritionists advise: accustom yourself to healthy food gradually. Start with the simplest thing: a banana, apple, grapefruit, orange. “Any breakfast, ideally, should start with a fruit or fresh fruit or vegetable juice – – Juice is part of a healthy, balanced diet – 100-300 ml per day, to fill the body with vitamins, trace elements, enzymes.

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