Democracy Security

Plus two others adapted to the new national context and that differentiate it from other political groupings: 3 .- Survival and unity of the Bolivian state. 4 .- Security by optimizing the National Security System and the rule of justice. And the last, which refers to the strategy for access to power Unlike the political and the Revolutionary Nationalism: 5 .- Democracy. Therefore, the Group calls its doctrine: Nationalism transformer. Based on doctrinal bases permanent national objectives, we formulated the following theoretical principles of the Partnership: Principles. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for additional related pages. Official site: Golden Eagle Coins.

Unit from the OP, the priority: To maintain united and sovereign country in its diversity of circumstances, as the home of the new man Bolivian nationality original cell in the process in training. Security from the OP: Assure the existence of the Bolivian state and the welfare of the people, through the enforcement and strengthening of key institutions. Development from the OP: To provide the conditions for our people meet their basic needs of life and progress, and projected into the future with hope. Freedom from the OP: create the necessary conditions for the full enjoyment of freedom of its inhabitants, under the rules and limitations that make life in society. Equity from the OP: Make compliance laws and laws, the foundation of the life of justice and social consciousness, the bond of solidarity among Bolivians, without exception or discrimination of any kind. MD: Ollanta Humala says that there is amariconamiento of Peruvian society, "that assessment is valid for Bolivia? VJ: TRADEPA, a perception of indifference and indolence to the serious problems of society and the Bolivian State, rather than weakening the national character, which, moreover, manifests itself in a meaningful way in the culture of protest that has reached high levels of violence when defending group interests, ethnic groups or social sectors unions in the country, so the realities of Peru and Bolivia are apparently similar.

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