For Each Image The Correct Picture Frames

The market today are materials for picture frames wood, aluminum and plastic. Wood has for centuries been the traditional starting point for high quality picture frames. From classic to modern baroque frame wooden picture frame graphic bars always offer the greatest variety and are still in production after a single Vergolderrahmen remains the top product in the picture frame industry. Even picture frames that are made of handcrafted and produced in many stages Picture frames are for the high-quality framing, such as museums and art lovers of sophisticated taste and context, an essential standard. Aluminum frames are about 25 years since a strong comeback and have established themselves firmly in the picture frame industry. They are modern reproductions, photographs, posters and art prints, watercolors and drawings, but also extremely popular and provide a contemporary living environment. Also for presentations for Archtikturentwrfe and the like, they are very well suited, because they always change as a frameworkcan be reused and also as a large format with a narrow frame will remain stable and have very elegant. Aluminum frames are therefore extremely stable and insensitive, in weight very easily and now have a subtle color, shine, or an interesting surface shading, which makes it very noble act. Plastic frames offer a very affordable alternative to simple, colorful wooden slats or the more expensive aluminum strips. It also represents a good alternative to frameless picture holders, although of course, of high quality images which touched strips of wood and the elegant aluminum frame only rarely. Profiled plastic strips have not in the market can enforce and are now produced mainly in Southeast Asia, including South Korea, and sold in Asia. Simple plastic frames can be quite pleasing, although they really should not be used for originals, except perhaps for special exhibitions. The central feature of a picture frame, namely theProtection of the motive, but they will do justice in every case.

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