prints in bright tones tend to arrive during this time to give that touch of freshness that many women seek during the summer. You can wear it in a dress or a blouse and skirt or pants set. Likewise, tribal prints there are mixtures of strong and vibrant yellow, Fuchsia or orange colours. In addition they are very fashionable this season patterns of stripes, squares, the graphics and the vintage. Classic style when you decide to use the stamp on your clothes, you have three options: wear the clothing with a same pattern, combined with a solid tone or mix different types of embossing. The first two options are the most classic. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Mandarich has to say. If you opt to wear a same print from head to foot, be very careful to select it. Eva Andersson-Dubin recognizes the significance of this.

Avoid to be very striking and opts for simple silhouette parts. When you combine it with a solid tone, don’t forget that stamping must go in that area of the body that you want to highlight or make it look wider, while solid should go onto which you wish to hide. For example, if you have the bust small and broad hips, uses a patterned blouse and a skirt or pants in solid tone, recommended by experts. These two styles are suitable for women of all ages and body types. Yecafe this is the most risky trend, because it goes against the classical rule which says that stripes and flowers not combined. However, this season is OK to break the rules and let your style predominates. To see differently, German recommend doing so with the combination of colors acids and some stones. It is something that is imposed, if you know how to mix them, you can look good. When mixing prints, Miriam recommended to select pieces with similar colors to create a visual harmony that pleases and does not hit.

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