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“Arbeitsgemeinschaft future phytotherapy: information site online Berlin (23.07.2013): the project future phytotherapy” is online. Health professionals for everything related to herbal medicine, see. The website provides interesting, useful information or updates on the current situation of herbal medicine in Germany. That includes taking other understandable summaries of current legislation for example with regard to statutory health insurance reimbursement or examples of the versatility of phytotherapy. The site can serve as a signpost: so mailing lists for example for home and medical specialists have been collected by hospitals with naturopathic departments. Or special link lists that combine contact at a glance – including in research and teaching, scientific associations, authorities, institutions or associations.

Extra headings clearly represent the manipulations of the Green recipe or indicate what comprehensive opportunities of continuing education and training health Professionals are offered in phytotherapy. Aim of the website is not only to provide interesting information, but merge interested phytotherapy: you should find more competent contact persons from the colorful, diverse and effective strong bouquet of herbal medicine and to contact. “Background information: future phytotherapy” was founded in 2006 as an Alliance for the phytotherapy. Following renowned organizations have to do this together found themselves: Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur naturopathic medicine in acute hospital, doctor society for empirical Medicine Medical Association for complementary medicine, Medical Association for preventive medicine and classical naturopathic medicine, Kneipp medical federal e.V., German Association of pharmaceutical companies e.V.(BAH), Federation of pharmaceutical industries of e.V.(BPI), German pharmaceutical company e.V.(DPhG), society for medicinal plant and natural product research e.V.(GA), society for phytotherapy, Hufe land Association Confederation of medical associations of Naturopathic Medicine and complementary medicine, Committee research natural medicine e.V.(KFN), cooperation HMP GbR, Central Association of doctors of Naturopathic Medicine and regulation medicine e.V.(ZAEN). The Alliance is committed to a strong herbal medicine and thus acts on behalf of the population that wants a supply of herbal medicines of various polls up to 70 percent. Contact: mMv – multi MED vision – Berlin medicine editorial Sigismund mouth 5 Marion Kaden 10785 Berlin phone 030 – 806 136 – 79 fax 030 – 806 136 – 80 eMail

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