Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is one of the most technological procedures in modern medicine that modifies or reconstructs the facial bone in its entirety, in order to create harmony in the face. Anyone can perform this surgery because it is a cosmetic surgery and is done by a professional. A physician who specializes in dentistry, who specialized in maxillofacial surgery maxillofacial surgery practice. It is a study practical-theoretical looking for the doctor to learn how to prevent, diagnose, predict and comprehensively addressing problems of harmony in the face. Maxillofacial surgery is able to create a harmony in the face of the patient, as well as rebuild pathologies, arrange trauma, abnormalities, and congenital or acquired conditions. Maxillofacial surgery attends and modifies white and hard tissue such as the following:-salivary glands – tumors in mouth and face – dental problems – orthopedic surgery of the mouth and face – congenital malformations – inside-skull-facial implants – articulation skull-mandibular – among others although maxillofacial surgery is a cosmetic procedure doctors who perform it are highly trained professionals and performed a work of high quality, hygiene and safety. Monterrey has various centres specialized in this type of surgery at very affordable prices. It is important to want to make you a maxillofacial surgery have appointments with different doctors, so you can have a broader vision than you need or you would do well..

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