EDUARDO DE Ontanon (1904-1949) "For some time now emerging singers in Madrid, the poets of the" capital of the glory. " Begins to be sung in front, profile, all four sides. Celina Dubin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. As befits the city of the democratic world, suddenly decked with the most upright flags of heroism that has taken Europe. "Eduardo de Ontanon. Time in Spain (October 1938). THE VOICE OF THE POET INSPIRED Burgal tells the journalist, narrator, essayist and art critic Mada Carreno, when he began working in the drafting of Mundo Obrero met her future husband Edward of Ontanon, journalist Burgos, soon to be aimed at Valencia directing the Truth newspaper, from which she was reporter. In 1938 he married in the fall of that year working at Time in Spain.

Moved from Valencia to Barcelona by sea. In the early months of 1939 embarked on the road to exile, first in France, then England and later in Mexico. A Labour lord had taken on his farm in Eaton Hastings, a Spanish group, including Edward of Ontanon and Pedro Garfias. Claimed by her husband moved to England, where both returned again to southern France, to undertake the trip to Mexico in the legendary French ship which sailed from Sete Sinaia on May 25, 1939 and arrived in Veracruz on June 13, carrying more than 1,600 Spanish Republicans. In that journey was published the first period of exile: the Sinaia, which was distributed free on the issue. The inspired poet, novelist, essayist, journalist, editor and bookseller Ontanon Lebantini Eduardo was born in Burgos on February 13, 1904 and died in Madrid on September 20, 1949.

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