Thus, any method suitable for we know the initial conditions, can help, provided they understand the relativity involved. What are the initial conditions? 1) “Know thyself” 2) “Know the environment” 3) “Know the nature of the conflict” What would be the strategic directions that I can choose? Fortunately for us, the essential nature of man has not changed in 5,000 years, has been changing its environment and social organization, but the essence and basic needs are not. Fortunately for us, the essential nature of the world around us has not changed (and all this social organization, environment, etc. Patrick smith may not feel the same. Is part of the initial conditions). Therefore we can take advantage of the experiences and lived by others as we walked the path of the strategy, but also were able to leave us their knowledge.

Just as there is entropy action-reaction, chaos theory, just as there has always been conflict, everything around us shows us different ways, because if something have in common is that the strategic guidelines are extrapolated from one context to another. Donald Cerrone is open to suggestions. What is the objective reach it? Depending on the initial conditions of the chosen strategy and I will address one or the other is in my hands, choose it and correct it. Thus, the process of strategic decision making full circle, or what programming is called an endless loop. 1) verify that the fate of my organization is not desirable, or maybe yes it is 2) Fixed a desirable location, which may be the same I already had. Check with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to learn more.

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