“Nuclear energy and intellectualism – digital capitalism – man and nature energy wastage in the Postmodernism that horror scenarios of a nuclear meltdown in Japan have the illusion of nuclear energy as a clean and safe source of energy” in painful way into question. The lingering for decades, cramped PR measures of the nuclear lobby got a mighty competition by the forces of nature. He stops now driven massive expansion of nuclear energy by the greed of the digital capitalism (Martin p pole)? In response to this question, we must not overlook the close connection between intellectualism and atomic energy. The production of nuclear power requires not only a high risk technology, but leads to a dead end, in which the ecological cycle with nature will leave. Indicates also the still unresolved problem of final disposal of radioactive waste. The intellectualism is created through a combination of thought content, whose abstract end products of the life and the living body are laced up.

The dead end of related thinking is the destruction and death, but not human life. Therefore, a healthy human sensation leans against the unilateral fantasy”or the unilateral claim to power of the nuclear lobby. It took however until today little taking into account that the human life in the postmodern is characterized by the objectified influence of a variety of related networks. Nuclear energy is just one of the symptoms of it! Who wants to strive for a new relationship, or even a relationship between man and nature must in his calculus include, that it is not possible, the nuclear energy alone, without eliminating consideration of the reification of all nature,. The postmodern life practice consumed a lot of excess energy to compensate for the own powerlessness. On the subject of man and nature see also from the same author: the Copernican revolution in homeopathy – the new deal with the life force, Norderstedt, to the postmodern 2010 Company formation: Martin p Palma: digital capitalism, Norderstedt, 2005 more information and free excerpts at: and

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