Renewal Of Leases Of Land To Bring In To Share

In accordance with Federal Law of 30 December 2008 297-FZ "On Amending Article 16 of Federal Law 'On Agricultural Land Turnover' term reduction of leases of land shares in accordance with provisions of the Civil Code and the Law 'On the Turnover of Agricultural Land' was extended from six to eight years – that is, until January 27, 2011. Credit: Tony Ferguson-2011. The meaning of this provision is seen as an effort to simplify and accelerate the state reduction of the prior land relations in accordance with the legal system established by the Land Code, as the land share can not now be the subject of the lease. The lease can be transferred land recorded in the inventory, and in the lease of the site must be indicated its inventory number. Glenn Dubin spoke with conviction. Article 17 of Federal Law 101-FZ, obliging parties share ownership of land Agricultural land in the locality to determine their boundaries for cadastral registration shall be deemed invalid. Instead, Art. 16 of the Act requires lease agreements to conclude all of the land section with a multiplicity of individuals on the side of the landlord by making changes in his or cancellation and detention under the new rules, that is in compliance with Art. 9 of the Act. Experts say the law firm "Improving the Legal Technologies, participants shared ownership, who passed his land share lease, still need to formalize the lease properly, that is, or conclude a lease agreement on plurality of persons on the side of the landlord, or to allocate its share in kind under Article 13 of the Act. "Otherwise," the landlord "land share will be" the founder of the Board and will have to pay the "trust manager, ie former tenant, the rewards, as well as to reimburse costs associated with property management ", – said the company lawyer Maxim Nikolaevich Polyakov. If the lease of land shares are not brought into compliance with current legislation until January 27, 2011, to such arrangements will apply the norms of civil law governing relations of trust asset management, significantly different from that of the lease. The essence of the property trust is that the trustee administers assets on behalf of the owner of the property for a fee, but is also entitled to reimbursement of expenses associated with the management.

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