Skin, Hair and Nail Beauty

Nails, hair, and especially skin suffer through vitamin deficiency is diet not only for performance and fitness important, but also for the beauty. Our skin is a very sensitive organ which can detect false or deficient nutrition early on. So it serves in addition to their function as protective case also as indicator for this, what is wrong in our bodies. A good character, beautiful skin, hair and nails are mostly the result of an intensive care – beauty comes not from about. This includes also the diet, providing our bodies with nutrients and minerals. You must be no nutritionists to create a healthy and delicious diet, which at the same time positively affects a beautiful skin, on the table. The beauty vitamin is required to rebuild collagen.

This protein receives the skin elasticity and looks younger. Nails, hair, and especially skin suffer due to vitamin deficiency. Missing vitamins, can our appearance including suffer, the skin looks limp and grey. Maintained, the skin is fed but from outside, and is built by our daily food. Our digestive system, raises the food – our blood circulation puts you in the places where they are needed in each skin cell. At the same time the blood absorbs the reducing substances, transmits them to the detoxification in the liver and kidney and takes over the disposal. The smoother this down and construction work, we become the more beautiful. It is no wonder that deficiency symptoms first in skin, but also in nails and hair become apparent on the other hand.

Vitamins slow down the skin’s natural cell ageing and maintain from the inside. Vitamin A: vitamin A promotes metabolism and cell division. The skin remains supple and smooth. As a free radical scavenger, it has a preventive effect against wrinkles and delay skin aging. Vitamin A is included in: fish, butter, cheese, milk, spinach, fennel, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, red beets and tomatoes.

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