Stockholm Environment Conference

Subject to the usual exceptions, exists about widespread agreement that the planet we inhabit has entered into a situation of multiple crises, whose most relevant facets are the energy, the ecological and the food. This dynamically interrelated whole and the financial crisis with symbolic epicenter on Wall Street, that hatch in the last quarter of 2008, is nothing more than a manifestation of the multidimensional crisis. He continues calling us attention, to whom we have been following these issues, from the Stockholm Environment Conference of 1972, as despite all warnings they were doing, they have not taken especially in countries categorized as in development, weight measurements in the form of policy public or behavior particular to revert this situation provided already for so long. Our stance towards this multidimensional crisis, which even casts doubt on the continuity of all forms of life on the planet, is to suggest a Argentina (considered as a nation State), almost no automotive, almost without appliances, and almost without plastics. Does not escape us that such proposal verging almost on reckless; posed deep cultural changes, which are more difficult to make changes. But the severity of the panorama, which encourages such initiatives. Follow-up of documents that is generating the Group of 8?(now in a trance of enlargement), suggests that a process like that you propose is underway. Taking into account the high degree of Kazemi that presents the formal Argentine productive structure, as consequence of the policies public applied from September 1955 (which despite attempts made or in progress, has not altered in substance), expected that matter what generate the Group of 8 expanded, applies inside Argentine borders, as part of the global strategies of the hegemonic interests of the economic activities of the country. That acaeceria if an uncritical acceptance of what is done He is decided in these powerful forums.

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