Training Profession

Christian Dohrn is with sauna & wellness services from 2011 in the Switzerland and Austria present a novelty on the German market so far the practice-oriented training to the Saunameister as inhouse training represents. Sauna – and wellness area, fine hotel or the ambitious fitness club – the employees are a crucial marketing tool. Almost 70% of guests changing a service company because they are dissatisfied with the staff. Only 9% switch because the price is too high for them. Here, Christian Dohrn attaches with its innovative training method. Out of the Lecture Hall and into practice.

The intensive training of employees is carried out exclusively in the plant to caring. Learning by doing is an essential cornerstone of workshops where discusses the physical, biochemical and physiological processes of the sauna bath. The emphases of the program focus on the social competence of the employees associated with a solid basic knowledge. After successful training to the Saunameister are the participants able to all common questions around the sauna and what related to answer. The implementation of infusion and guest services are professional and emerging conflict situations may cause sure staff.

In his events, represents, and Dohrn practiced the belief that competence has nothing to do with the juxtaposition of Word monstrosities, the laymen incomprehensible foreign words and phrases. A good sauna master knows the theory, can advise the guest friendly and will act prudently in daily practice. In addition to the education and training of employees, Christian Dohrn offers also quality analyses and mystery checks for sauna installations, especially for hotels in operating an advisory capacity.

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