Canarian Town

Serafim Canarian Da Silva, in the year of 1952 led a group of family that they had started arriving sessas to terrar for it comes back of 1953, being that from there other families northeasterns they had also been if fixing in the place developing the extrativista activity of chestnut-do-Par, this extrativista process increases as much that the advance contributes for the sprouting of a known town as ' ' Center of the Latas' ' this term was used for the fact of the immense amount of spread kerosene cans in the fronts of the houses of the town and that they were used in the collection of the chestnut. With the coming of a known priest in 1955 as Frei Gil of the Dominican order that carried through the work of evangelizao and catequese of the natives of the region the church catholic it starts if to install in the town that soon passes if to call ' ' They are Domingos' ' in homage the image of Are Domingos de Gusmo brought for Frei Gil, being that the related saint started to be padroeiro of the locality that passed to be known as ' ' They are Domingos of the Latas' ' pejorativo term for that they liveed in the locality. In years 70 They are Domingos passed for considerable a population increase due to opening of the Transamaznica where if they had installed encampments for the workers of the Contractors in the place where today the headquarters of the city meet. Atrelado to this I pan it event and the wooden extration had fomented and stimulated the migration considerably each bigger time of people for this region increasing the population of the town that belonged to the City of Is Joo of the Araguaia. With the fast growth and development of district started to have claims for the autonomy politics since the locality sheltered the majority of the traders and producers of Are Joo of the Araguaia.

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