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Internet Expedition

Sedov name was called and the name of the ship – remember, for example, the heroic, which lasted 812 days of drift ice-breaking ship "Georgiy Sedov", which crossed the Arctic Ocean. Dozens of books and hundreds of articles devoted to the life and work of George Yakovlevich Sedov. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. It is quite legitimate and what historians and again discuss the minute details of his latest expedition, heroic and tragic at the same time. So what's all the same – 'deed' or 'mad attempt'? With hindsight, knowing already what ended the expedition, it is difficult to answer this question. Is not 'insane attempt to' look voyage to Earth Franz Josef with a reserve of coal in two days? But they got! And with good reason Sedov wrote: "Our expedition accomplished a feat." Everyone, perhaps, a man ponders the question: what is heroism? And each, perhaps, give his reply.

But we can answer it: the hero – an honest execution of debt commitments. Not all and not always find the strength to do so. Therefore called a feat that for most people it seems impossible, and sometimes insane 'Madness of the brave we sing a song ' Sing because only the courage gives birth to courage. Cowardly caution barren '. On the Internet, tens of thousands of sites containing information about the expedition gy Sedov, about himself.

And it is not officialdom, but most of the materials caused by people's interest in the history of the expedition to the identity of its organizer. And at the same time is difficult or almost impossible to find materials on the all-powerful in sedovskoe time personalities: the sea Minister Grigorovich, the notorious editor of 'New Era' ma Suvorina (I could not even find his photo), head of the Admiralty, me (his niece happens to be a part of another Russian Arctic expedition of 1912 under the leadership of Lt. gl Brusilov on the ship 'St.

The Unpresentable Willy Toledo

As you know, Willy (Guillermo) Toledo is actor, not bad, exactly. In the interludes, instead of playing bocce or monopoly, like others, is dedicated to political activism. The last time this has led him to the Sahara, with 16 other compatriots, to armar it to the occupying that territory Moroccan regime. Apparently, and according to his testimony, the police of Mohamed VI has zurrado them the padding although, fortunately, without leaving them lying in any gloomy Dungeon. What less I could pass knowing how those rides the sultan! The good thing about the case, is the actor of yore who blames the Spanish Government, for not having sent a pair of F-16s to seek them. The milk! It is that while the State saves up in poor retirees pensions and reduced salary to staff members would have had to spend a paston to account of revolutionary tourism of Mr Toledo and his buddies. And that they go progres, boasting of egalitarianism and other gargle. Clear that, accustomed to living in the public subsidies, main source of income in the world of show business in this country, fly in a very expensive hunting a trifle must seem supersonic.

We have lost the papers. Not only because you have to rescue our taxes to reckless climbers of the Anapurna or tourists lost in the desert, but because the Government often pay substantial rescues Somali pirates or those who kidnap reckless aid workers who go on to fraternise with their captors. In other words, that the State fix us everything, even caused by our audacity, folly or carelessness. The good thing about the case is that Mr Toledo starred recently a closed defense of Cuba’s regime, justifying that the Castro dictatorship left to die in his hunger strike the dissident Orlando Zapata, delinquent, according to our actor. I’d like Willy Toledo was consistent with itself and its alleged solidary causes going to the Caribbean island to visit political prisoners of that regime and set a public show demanding the freedom of all detainees by crimes of opinion. After the police reaction therefore, secure that jokingly minus the attitude of the Moroccan authorities. In addition, it could not ask the arrival of F-16 to take it back home because of Cuban prisons not quits as well. Of course that never would do this to our actor because, in addition to sectarian, which is it, and what does not seem much, it be idiotic. Original author and source of the article.

Ccile Work

The personage of the famous French actor Gerard Deprdieu, Maheu, is an old employee, appraised well in the place. With this credit, it is who asks for the act of contract of the idealist who finishes to arrive. The two personages will be the leaders of the movement striker, who will fight for better conditions of life and work for the miners. Soon at the beginning of the film already we obtain to perceive the existing abyss enters the way of life bourgeois and of the work force. The biggest concern of the family is in relation to the preparativeses of a marriage. Here, we are ahead of a characteristic case. Exactly not loving the fianc, the young of the family is of marriage marked with a young woman who badly knows.

The bourgeois conjugal unions many times obey the same capitalist logic of that they are fruits? it is a business. The family owner of the coalmines, the Grgories, has the satiated table, lives in sumptuous houses and seems not to have notion of the reality lived for its employees. The poverty is seen as lack of effort and work. The exception in the family is the Ccile young, son of the Grgories, making what it can to help to the wife and the children of Maheu, that comes back and stocking patrol its mansion. The daily one of the family of Maheu is typical of a laborer at this time.

It is arisen to work still night and returns pra dark house no longer. The hygiene is sufficiently precarious, the wage is very low the difficulty to buy itself food is visible. One of the solutions is the indebtedness. The owner of the warehouse does not import itself with the hunger of the families, not vende without the payment in money, and some times consider the pardon of the debts in exchange for sexual favors with the children Mrs., or same them.

Canarian Town

Serafim Canarian Da Silva, in the year of 1952 led a group of family that they had started arriving sessas to terrar for it comes back of 1953, being that from there other families northeasterns they had also been if fixing in the place developing the extrativista activity of chestnut-do-Par, this extrativista process increases as much that the advance contributes for the sprouting of a known town as ' ' Center of the Latas' ' this term was used for the fact of the immense amount of spread kerosene cans in the fronts of the houses of the town and that they were used in the collection of the chestnut. With the coming of a known priest in 1955 as Frei Gil of the Dominican order that carried through the work of evangelizao and catequese of the natives of the region the church catholic it starts if to install in the town that soon passes if to call ' ' They are Domingos' ' in homage the image of Are Domingos de Gusmo brought for Frei Gil, being that the related saint started to be padroeiro of the locality that passed to be known as ' ' They are Domingos of the Latas' ' pejorativo term for that they liveed in the locality. In years 70 They are Domingos passed for considerable a population increase due to opening of the Transamaznica where if they had installed encampments for the workers of the Contractors in the place where today the headquarters of the city meet. Atrelado to this I pan it event and the wooden extration had fomented and stimulated the migration considerably each bigger time of people for this region increasing the population of the town that belonged to the City of Is Joo of the Araguaia. With the fast growth and development of district started to have claims for the autonomy politics since the locality sheltered the majority of the traders and producers of Are Joo of the Araguaia.