The entrpico moment the one that had arrived these countries of the Middle East since the last year does not allow the retrocession; the process conflict-chaos-order it will come until new moment where new fights will appear, they will recrudesce, for, later, leading the overcoming of the resultant established one of the previous conflict. It is thus the wire of the evolution of the civilizations human beings and the natural laws. In Salvador, the rebelled policemen is necessary that if it standes out – for claims jousts against the worthless wages and that they had not found echo in the field of the debate, in the scope of the agreement and the search of the consensus between its superiors government/corporation – arrived at the streets objectifying repercussion next to the public opinion. This, also, is a rupture moment. E, when this occurs, consequncias will happen. It is what we saw online to happen in the tropic, tourist Brazilian city of Salvador, capital of the state of the Bahia. Obviously, we cannot validate the state of chaos installed there; the population cannot be the grace of the governmental incompetence, the vandalism and the decision of the corporation (organized in riot), that they have as to have to keep the public order. In the episode, the national troop, convoked for governor Jaques Wagner the Dilma comrade, needs to have a moderate command; she cannot allow nor to adopt the civil confrontation with the rebelled forces and its familiar and friends.

They are not in the Rocinha (RIO DE JANEIRO) fighting the traffic. They had been required e, there, are for protecting the population, the common wealth and the private one. If, ‘ ‘ ordem’ ‘ will be to restrain the claimants all the cost, the chaos will be installed and the consequncias, that are unexpected, still can be aggravated. The authoritarian governments need to go down of its monarchic thrones and to take care of the propagandas of its servers, therefore these, the agent chief executives, are not proprietors of the state treasury, are the foremen, placed there to manage, for us, the proper conflicts of a democratic system. Legislators, governors, mayors, politicians of any naipe or club, magistrates and controllers of state do not need to go ace streets to demand remuneration joust for its work, therefore treat before any republican commitment, of its proper interests, legislating always in proper cause.

Why, then, professors, firemen, policemen, professionals of the health, amongst others, need and arrive at this extreme resource? He has something of made a mistake in this gap. He will not have difference between the Cairo, Damasco and Salvador if the confrontation of the national forces if to give against rebelled and its familiar ones; she will be always a national citizen against another national citizen. There, in Egypt, the cause is politician-economic and means a entrpico moment of change for new civilizatrios platforms. Far from a vindication to the strikes and its maleficent consequncias for the population, she is necessary that if it standes out, governabilidade, it is not exerted with national force in the streets against who is for force of the intransigncia and lack of negotiation between the incapable ones there.

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