Excess Fat

Less stored fat is lost when we thinned quickly. I hope giving me to understand with the previous sentence. I explain: studies show that when you lose weight quickly, close to 65% of the weight lost is 10 days from water and muscle, while only 35% comes from real fat. The only way scientifically to change these percentages when you are consuming less food, is coaching or you to exercise with weights. A program or routine weights, forces your body to keep muscles and more servings of fat are used when you are in the process of thinning. You can learn more about workouts to burn fat with weights on the LibreDeGrasa.com site. Its owner Alfonso Sanchez has extensive experience in the theme of maintaining (and even upload) your muscle mass while FAT reduces. 8 Tricks to lose weight fast: * Reduce your intake of calories in 250 – 500kcal per day, replacing high-calorie foods for meals low in calories.

Remember that 3500kcal = 1 pound (0.5 kg) * gives you to your body small amounts of foods high in protein. Do it this way in every important meal that you make. * Starts a proven weights workout that will help you to maintain your muscles and accelerate your metabolism (the recommendation approved and perfect thee in a few moments) * gradually increases the intensity of your exercise program, forcing your body to keep your muscles while the calorie consumption is reduced. Do this gradually, never in an abrupt manner. * I advise to do aerobic activities, cardio, some twice a week to keep that fat melting. (Cardiovascular exercise is complementary, is not the main thing in the routine. Performed when you have finished your session of weights never before).

* Take plenty of water during the day to maintain energy levels. * It reduces the consumption of sodium, preparing your own meals using fresh and natural products. * NEVER consume less than 1500kCal per day. Simply follows exercising more followed by way or with greater intensity Once you’ve reached your weight goal. Now you may be thinking of excellent, I will do what I recommended Melissa and I’ll see what happens. I have given 8 tips that will change not only your body but your life. Now I will give you the most important of all the tips. If you want to know a strategy that is proven that helps you recover to lose weight quickly, click here and begins to apply the methods and techniques that you will learn there. Already do not suffer more, if you want to give back in time and recover the body of your adolescence or figure that both crave then download this guide today same and begins to implement the action plan. Tests show that between longer evenings to take harder action will be you to windowsill.

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