If The Child Does Not Let Mom

Every time you’re on the go, your child begins to cry inconsolably bitter and For most mothers this is a real test, which wants to avoid by any means. What feelings are experiencing child, flooding Tears flow hallway while we hurriedly dressed? How to calm him down: to comfort or scold, or stay away? And most importantly, how to help him safely be our absence? Most often react violently to the care of infants, that most of the time with mom. In families where the mother for a short time, but regularly, replace one of the family, small enough to quickly get used to for some time without it. Although sometimes it happens that the kid has yesterday quietly letting go of my mother, suddenly begins to protest her departure.

What child is experiencing, watching your charges? What gives him a sense of your care? By virtue of its self-centeredness, all that happens in the family, little kid sees a direct connection with each other. He is hard to understand, that some part of my mother’s life is not related to him that she has something special. So the kid can relate mother’s care, for example, that he not well behaved, and so he is punished. In order for your absence did not cause a negative reaction, going somewhere for long, to shop or barber shop, be sure to tell your child where you are going through and what time back. Even if you think that the child is too young for such information, your words wonderfully calm and help him to wait for your return.

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