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Sedov name was called and the name of the ship – remember, for example, the heroic, which lasted 812 days of drift ice-breaking ship "Georgiy Sedov", which crossed the Arctic Ocean. Dozens of books and hundreds of articles devoted to the life and work of George Yakovlevich Sedov. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. It is quite legitimate and what historians and again discuss the minute details of his latest expedition, heroic and tragic at the same time. So what's all the same – 'deed' or 'mad attempt'? With hindsight, knowing already what ended the expedition, it is difficult to answer this question. Is not 'insane attempt to' look voyage to Earth Franz Josef with a reserve of coal in two days? But they got! And with good reason Sedov wrote: "Our expedition accomplished a feat." Everyone, perhaps, a man ponders the question: what is heroism? And each, perhaps, give his reply.

But we can answer it: the hero – an honest execution of debt commitments. Not all and not always find the strength to do so. Therefore called a feat that for most people it seems impossible, and sometimes insane 'Madness of the brave we sing a song ' Sing because only the courage gives birth to courage. Cowardly caution barren '. On the Internet, tens of thousands of sites containing information about the expedition gy Sedov, about himself.

And it is not officialdom, but most of the materials caused by people's interest in the history of the expedition to the identity of its organizer. And at the same time is difficult or almost impossible to find materials on the all-powerful in sedovskoe time personalities: the sea Minister Grigorovich, the notorious editor of 'New Era' ma Suvorina (I could not even find his photo), head of the Admiralty, me (his niece happens to be a part of another Russian Arctic expedition of 1912 under the leadership of Lt. gl Brusilov on the ship 'St.

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