It Seems A Chafariz

The Human being created to the Image and Similarity of the Universal GOD, cannot be shaken with small things. It has in itself the Largeness of the Celestial Father who created it with all its benesses. The fights of the life appear for it to forge in the Good the character. Thus it describes it Ezequiel Prophet: face of Man = endowed with Intelligence, face of lion = endowed with force, face of ox = endowed with perseverance, face of eagle = penetrating vision. The form of its faces seems a chafariz was as of man; to the right, the four had lion face; to the left, face of ox; also face of eagle, all the four. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:10.

The Man is not a chafariz Launching for high the Much water fervente For being grumbler With the life that leads. Its act Sample one future better Existence, That is not finished in the dust Of not the inexistence. The Force with it is Stops with firmness molding its Destination. Its vision does not stop in the gift, But it glimpses to the front a perpetual time. Man! You cannot to outside launch the water that arises to compensate you, Because, with honor; You are part Of the Mother Nature firms That you in the beauty Of the Perpetual Existence.

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