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And suddenly, everything fell into place: development of the productive forces of society is the development of the consciousness of members of the society towards awareness of the fact that on so you can not live, we need revolutionary changes in society socio-economic relations, we need a new form of ownership, we need new leaders. Zendaya: the source for more info. Remember, it is these ideas became the starting point of our last Revolution 1985 – 1993 period. That kind thoughts are the driving force of all social revolutions in all countries and at all times. The theory of social progress with the concept of mankind's transition from one socio-economic formation to another is described in the article "Driving forces social progress ", Journal of the Federation, 9 (23), ed. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Foundation for Legal Research, 2006; Thoughts, ideas are the driving force behind the development of human society, the driving force of social progress. No social existence determines the development of social consciousness, but on the contrary, the development of social consciousness in the direction of awareness of the need of socio-economic transformation is the driving force behind the development of social existence. All this, of course, not according to Marx, who considered the material production of goods (productive forces), self-developing a basis of human society. And not according to Lenin, who, as a materialist, saying: "the world is not nothing but matter, but being a materialist, inconsistent, elaborates: "thought can not be considered material. But the thought, consciousness is as material phenomena, as well as a bronze bust of a thinker.

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