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Magic In Science

The magic of many associated with superstition, village healers, actually not so simple. Patrick matthews may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Many "magicians" who are now offering their services, you can help make a love spell and bring damage, remove the evil eye and more many psychological cults or even a "school" ready to "teach" your magic. Some of the so-called sorcerers may in reality be only a "magicians". Despite all this, the magic of the interests of science. Quantum Physics gave a few more discoveries, which no longer make the magic is not as possible. Modern science has stepped far enough, the existence of 'energy' fields, or even the phenomenon of levitation have surprised no one. In the Soviet Union in various secret laboratories conducted the study of fine fields of human-like learning and engaged in Nazi Germany, a number of various secret societies and secret scientists Germany engaged not only the study of energy rights, has been compiling 'magic' rituals in this approach to that already as a science, without any admixture of superstition. The famous "Ananerbe", "Thule", "Germanenorden" is only the most prominent organization of Hitler's Germany, which are very successful in similar studies, among other things, these organizations worked to create modern weapons of the Third Reich, and in this case as stated, used different attributes of magic, and used them not only as superstition, the magic was seen as an exact science. Why do scientists have been studying and drawing, even magical rituals, and often successfully engaged in magic, which is officially considered a superstition, not because there that the official version was created to hide the truth? After all, truly magic, and in particular, black magic, as well as the development associated with exposure to human behavior is a potential weapon of special services, and do not want to advertise, in addition, it will be harder to apply, if everyone will know how to oppose him. It's all theory of course, built on certain facts, what happens in reality is hard to say.

Ricardo Coast

The film ' ' The masters loucos' ' of Jean Rouch it is a set of documents concerning a ritual of the Haouka, a religious movement that appeared in the Nigria. According to Coast, the objective of the films of Rouch is to portray the desconstruo of worlds in crisis or ways if to lose. It films knowing that the image that we finish to see if it erases in the following instant and without the film everything what we see in them would escape. Still in accordance with Coast, for the director, with the film is not only possible to become visible the reality that if extinguishes as that one that if hides. More info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. For Rouch, the camera is the best form to reproduce what it is transferred and it been therefore that decides to make etnogrficos films. However, the camera does not pass unobserved, only can film to participate itself. It also has the question of that the director of the film is responsible not alone for deciding what will be filmed, but also for manipulating the images in the assembly.

Perhaps, these are some of the reasons for which the films of Rouch have been criticized. Learn more at this site: Tony Mandarich. However, according to Ricardo Coast, Jean Rouch he is full of surprises, but always it respects the imperatives of science. For Evans-Pritchard (2005), the anthropologist who goes for the field must have preconceived ideas, because he was not thus, would not know what nor as to study. Thinking in such a way, the clippings of subject and image made by the director of the film can be compared with clippings of subject and made in daily of field of the anthropologist and this not necessarily it is bad, if made with scientific severity. Soon at the beginning, the film warns that scenes of violence and cruelty will be followed, that the ritual is a form to decide the problem of the readjustment and that it shows as certain Africans represent the civilization occidental person. Dr. Neal Barnard recognizes the significance of this.

Middle Ages

Mag also finds the quality and vibration corresponding vibration element and then spends her energy through itself (air, fire) or draws, it is in vibrational resonance (water, earth). Again, a classic example – "Avatar". These days, watching this type of magic can be mainly on the subtle planes, as an element of combat. The essential elemental magic also has two paths – the path of the contract and the way of ruling. Unfortunately, the most famous and practice in Europe is the second type of spontaneous intrinsic magic.

From the Middle Ages to the present day written many books on this subject, that many even unaware of other ways, calling it blasphemous, a dead end road magic elements. Such a "magician" in the beginning sets up the surrounding space, filling it with objects, signs, scents, so to attract the spirits disaster plan. Then, the other ritual acts, limits their freedom and brings anguish. Struggle begins, which often defeats the "magician". Essence then are forced to obey him in exchange for relative freedom. Magicians and sorcerers of the Slavic lands, the Druids and Scandinavians also practiced mainly the essential magic, but went through with the contract. This path was to take the dedication and find kinship with spirits of certain elements. To this end, the practitioner was removed to a place that most closely matches that element, which correspond to its own internal quality.

In addition, he had to prove their right to encroach on communication, because his spirit, because the place was chosen with a fair amount of extreme. Water – rafting on mountain rivers or frail boat in the ocean. Air – rock or wobbly bridge over the abyss. Earth – a dark deep cave. Fire – vent. Should not just overcome your fear, but to achieve a state of rest, harmony with the chosen venue. Then, while in a meditative state, a magician literally dropped in a spontaneous plan. Now he could communicate on an equal footing with natural essences feel comfortable in their world. Now he could ask them for help, but at the same time, if need be, he should be ready to help. Over time, resulting in frequent stay on the natural level, the magician masters energy type operating. One of the most common misconception about the elemental magic is that the magician is able to capture only one element. It is not. Anyone can master all the elements, manipulate simultaneously. Of course, other than going through the ruling. Besides, at some point the two branches, the essential and vibration, merge together. However, work should begin with the elements, the quality of which is in you prevail, with that you can easily find within themselves.

Legal Research

And suddenly, everything fell into place: development of the productive forces of society is the development of the consciousness of members of the society towards awareness of the fact that on so you can not live, we need revolutionary changes in society socio-economic relations, we need a new form of ownership, we need new leaders. Zendaya: the source for more info. Remember, it is these ideas became the starting point of our last Revolution 1985 – 1993 period. That kind thoughts are the driving force of all social revolutions in all countries and at all times. The theory of social progress with the concept of mankind's transition from one socio-economic formation to another is described in the article "Driving forces social progress ", Journal of the Federation, 9 (23), ed. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Foundation for Legal Research, 2006; Thoughts, ideas are the driving force behind the development of human society, the driving force of social progress. No social existence determines the development of social consciousness, but on the contrary, the development of social consciousness in the direction of awareness of the need of socio-economic transformation is the driving force behind the development of social existence. All this, of course, not according to Marx, who considered the material production of goods (productive forces), self-developing a basis of human society. And not according to Lenin, who, as a materialist, saying: "the world is not nothing but matter, but being a materialist, inconsistent, elaborates: "thought can not be considered material. But the thought, consciousness is as material phenomena, as well as a bronze bust of a thinker.


Augustin in turn, makes the philosophical thought to make a diving in the proper interioridade, in proper I. For the first time, a used philosophy will be seen almost strict to think the proper individual existence. Here, David Cordani expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Directly, it has in the agostinianas Confessions some specific concerns, that are the origin of evil the existence of God before the dualidade time-eternity. But all the quarrel alone has felt in the measure where Augustin if puts as existing man, whom he exactly reflects on itself and afflicts what it, pointing its imperfections and limitations in understanding what it considers to argue: Salutes and strong arraigadas these truths in my spirit, I anxiously searched it origin of the evil. that torments, as that of childbirth, they were those of my heart! How moaned, my God! was your intent ears, and I there not it wise person. When, in silence it strengtove, me in patient searches, high outcries if they raised until your mercy: they were the quiet ones you distress of my soul. (AUGUSTIN. 2002.

p.145) Who will be able withholds intelligence of man so that it stops and it sees as the immovable eternity, that future nor is not passed, determines the future and the past? Perhaps will be able to carry through this my hand? Or this my language, with the word, could carry through such workmanship? (Idem, Ibidem. p. 266) Considering the biography of Augustin, such ideas represent more than only philosophical reflections. The life of Augustin moved total with its conversion. Its position, in this direction, was well in accordance with the greco-roman vision, where philosophy and life would have to be necessarily conjugated. ' ' Estimulado' ' , also, with the illness that causes it a new vision of world, Augustin ponders that ' ' He does not have more incurable sick person of what that one that does not recognize its doena' '.

Oriflame Cosmetics

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Love Conspiracy

The Love Conspiracy to drink need to make love potion. Love a drink can be anything, it is important that your chosen one he liked. It can be tea, and juice, and wine. The main thing to omit in his mountain ash berry, and then well-read hex on him. This should be done after nine o'clock, but before midnight. Heavens, wood strength, calling you for help, as I ask you to give me a spell of ethereal, red charms, charms fine, so could I, the servant of God (Name), to link their sites servant of God (name), so that these bonds were for ever, lest he broke them, he would not take off, so day and night for me would have only thought of me and would only missed. And how will spill his drink on krovushke and and his passion will flare up in his heart. The red mountain ash – a life in God's slaves (name), and servant of God (name) would like raspberries.

From now and forever. Amen. Conspiracies The Love on the dough first plot is done so in the brew to put magnet, and the yeast before you dismiss them in the test, you need to slander: Arise, I, the servant of God (name), bless, marry, crossed out of the house, but in the yard, the yard so to the east, the east is the sacred sea- Ocean, on the sea-ocean is palace, the palace lives uncle blacksmith. I am uncle to the bow, I am uncle to pray: "How do you Kuyosh and binds the steel and iron, both cidp and welded servant of God (name) to me, Servant of God (name) to the heart to heart, to blood in the blood, order and night and day, fall and winter, so that when the red sun and a clear month.


I remember myself of terms worked in classroom a text presented for our Professor Antonio Marcelo, at the time was disciplines it Philosophy, 1 year of History. This text age of authorship of Fbio Professor Leather strap, where Augustin discoursed on Saint and here I display the ticket that deals with the Time: ' ' Three times in my mind exist therefore these that I do not see in another part: present souvenir of the passed things, present vision of the things gifts and present hope of the future things. If me he is allowed to use such expressions, I see then three times and I confess that they are trs.' ' (Saint Augustin) Leaving of this agostiniana premise I intend to make some investigations. First, on the present souvenir of the last things. Taking in consideration that studies in the tico field, had been able in supplying information to them as of that we cannot catch the things in the accurate instant that occur, therefore delays one brevssimo period enters the reception of the light, electric captation of the retina and impulses sent to brain.

We have then a passed vision, or as it displays Augustin, a souvenir, a captation of fragmented memory. But we go to as the point, present vision of the things gifts. As I displayed above, the present vision is passed, for the inefficiency of apprehension of the manifest reality. Soon, we have a last gift. Clearly that we can venturing in them for the secular diversity and arriving the conclusion that this also is an illusion, for the diverse secular dimensions that enclose diverse instants.

The problem still persists, on not terms a present vision, only one searchs for catching this instant that to if losing, left resqucios of its existence in our souvenir, what it one more time sends in them to the first argued point. It happens, that still we have the present hope of the future things. In this point, it fits plus a reflection, therefore to not the terms a present vision, still thus, occurs the evidence of the search for it when perscrutar the souvenirs. Thus, the hope if makes gift as to devir of the act lost gift to the being, more caught as fact for the last memory. Reformulating the agostiniano argument I would say that ' ' We have a Last Vision (Not-Catch in the instant where it is), a Future Souvenir (evidence of the Last Gift) and a Present Hope (desire of being present). ' '