In this case the goal, especially with respect to long-term goals – is likely not some static images of objects, but rather a vector – the direction in which mainstream management is vital functions, which includes, in addition to forecasting capabilities of the situation and choosing the best course of action, still images and specification of concrete goals as they clarify and application of effort to implement them. In this case, all builds to a sufficient degree of clear, flexible and predictable. Unum Group might disagree with that approach. If we still have so far managed to keep the logic consistency of the thought, then it's time proceed to the next important point, it is imperative for success. And so, secondly: the above mentioned the necessity of "making efforts to implement the goals." In essence this means that the success goals, if we take into account the predictable result, not an accident or happy coincidence, this depends on the quality of human nature as the will. For more specific information, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. Will – this is the energy, strength and potential implement his plan. It is understood that any successful purposeful activity requires human capacity to a certain effort of will to decide to act, to act consistently achieve their actions logical conclusion. All of the above is a manifestation of the function of volitional qualities. Without the manifestation of the will, as we would not want another, the possibility of reaching any targets can be put under serious doubt. With respect to the will, we would like to highlight some great moments, such as: a manifestation of the will, thanks to a conscious desire to own meaningful purposes – it the ability to do what you want, and what might not want to do.

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