New Media Institute Helps Companies Develop Marketing 2.0

Consulting Dr. Kraus & partner establishes Institute for the professional use of social media by companies. CPIC will not settle for partial explanations. Companies to develop and implement a marketing 2.0 strategy support wants a new Institute, established by the management consulting firm of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal,. Director of K & P new media Institute is Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke, who heads the degree programme of media management and communications at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg, Mannheim. According to Professor Lembke, inter alia, the new Institute was founded because many companies currently face the challenge, to rethink their marketing concepts.

A central reason for this is the success of such online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as relevant industry-specific portals, exchanging their users about their experiences with companies and their products. The communication in these forums largely eludes the immediate access of enterprises. For this reason they stand before the questions: How can we ensure that We in the online communication of members of such communities positively cut off? And: How can we use these communications media and channels for our marketing and sales? In developing the necessary marketing 2.0 strategies and concepts, the K & P supports the company new media Institute. When developing a marketing 2.0 strategy many companies are relatively unsafe and helpless”, so the experience of Professor Lembke among other things, because this also for the marketing itself the question arises, to what extent they need to change their settings, because the marketing 2.0 works differently than the traditional marketing. “In addition, the army of the external marketing supporters splits according to Lakshmi relative to the social media into two camps: a promote them as a marketing silver bullet of kind of, others dismiss often hasty them as gadgets, which have no marketing relevance.” It was accordingly difficult businesses to a realistic assessment to get what These media for their marketing have today and in two or even five years.” Indeed the crux of the K & P is for this purpose together with the companies based on their goals and strategies to develop realistic and feasible concepts, New Media Institute. Accordingly the product independent counts”marketing strategy consulting to the core services of the Institute. In addition it supports companies implement the strategies and developing the tools that are necessary for their realization.

Also it provides the know-how and skills they need for the professional handling of new media employees in seminars and workshops. For more information about the work of K & P new media Institute will receive those interested in consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal (Tel: 07251/9890-34;) Fax:-35, E-mail:; Internet:). You can also directly contact the Director of the Institute Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke ).

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