Plastic Surgery .

Despite the adage that there are no ugly women, and that my year – my wealth, we do not believe in it. The evidence of this, a large number of cosmetic clinics that promise to give every woman the perfect appearance and turn back time. And you can adjust the appearance and less benign methods – hardware, cosmetics, massage, mesotherapy, with injections of Botox. But there are more radical way to change your appearance – plastic surgery. The first mention of cosmetic surgery were found in the ancient Indian treatise. For information about surgeries to correct the shape of the nose and ears account for 2,000 years. In the 18 th century developed surgical techniques to correct appearance. But only in the late 20 th century with the discovery of new technologies has occurred a revolution in the field of plastic surgery.

Usually women are dissatisfied with the shape of the nose, shape of lips, they are concerned wrinkles, oval face, secondarily concerned about breasts and figure. Men are dissatisfied with the shape of the nose, ears, and they worry about a double chin. In Hollywood, joking: "We do not age, only the skin on your face becomes thinner." For stars of appearance of this capital, which should be protected and multiply. Not only women want to become stars are younger and prettier, but both men put in their appearance sufficient funds. Breed Pitt smooths wrinkles, while Tom Cruise spends Cosmetologists fortune. George Clooney to change the shape of the chin, Michael Douglas did a circular facelift.

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