Program Health

It is a resource where the knowledge scientifically produced in the field of the health is intermediated by the health professionals and reaches the daily life of the people, a time that the understanding of the patients in the process health-illness offers to subsidies for the adoption of new habits and behaviors of health. In the decade of 1990 the implementation of the strategy of the Program has beginning Health of Famlia (PSF) that, in the context of the politics of Brazilian health, it would have to contribute for the construction and consolidation of the SUS. Having in its base the estimated ones of the SUS, the strategy of the PSF brings in the center of its proposal the relative expectation to the reorientation of the model assistencial from the basic attention. By the same author: American Family. 8 the development of a new based assistencial model in the principles of the PSF does not imply a retrocession how much to the incorporation of advanced technologies, as the initial understanding of that the PSF would correspond to a medicine simplified destined for the poor persons; before this, such proposal demand the reorganization of the contents knowing of them and practical of health, of form that these reflect the estimated ones of the SUS in daily making of the professionals. 9 the Strategy Health of the Family is a model of assistencial attendance, reorienting the system of health from the basic attention, creating and keeping teams of health with some professionals that has as rules of work the units of health. The thematic one could approach the forms of transmission and treatments of the DSTs in individuals of the third age; to give voice to the individuals of the third age concerning knowledge on DSTs; however it was opted to carrying through the study concerning the speech of the Nurses of UBS and UBSF how much orientaes in health on DST to the group of the third age.

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