The Preconception

It will be that this is the adjusted politics culture that we want? It will be that this is so dreamed of if to live well enters the slight knowledge of institutions as the ONU proclaims and gives the name of ' ' paz' '. Not! to who still finds that the language does not make things as to explain the appropriation of ' ' bermansch' ' nietzschiano for the nazistas in full preparation for a war? As to explain that one appears that it represents only one man or a beyond-man who does not deprive of its will of life ahead of a bad favorable and ' ' moral of rebanho' ' assumed for Nietzsche as escravizadora and typical Christian who would have to be transvalorada as somebody that points weapons with respect to innocents and makes Jews of guineapigs alive human beings and for bizarros experiments of what it wanted to call itself medicine, but could well be called horror? Yes expensive readers and readers have yes a nonsense that is what if it says and if one may use the expression a simple thing and can provoke a war or set on fire a relationship or simply to kill a feeling. This everything is question of as if it speaks, of what it says yourself and as the preconception, main target of this text, if it camouflages inside of direful and contemptuous expressions as we saw for there. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jack Salzwedel by clicking through. The fact to call a black person ' ' crioula' ' he is not cerne of the preconception, but the politics culture, that is, the culture that if load of inferiority and pejoratividade in the word that makes in them to prevent instead of repeating to the four winds. We do not know the effect that a word as these can take in some ear and we will never be able to say that everything that to say is justified for our intentions, therefore our intentions do not follow our words, to the maximum a look; an expression; a gesture and nothing more. .

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