SEO Meets Natural Cosmetics: Deal Or No Deal?

An unusual compensation deal between young online shop and eBusiness experts Leipzig/Zwickau – what one has, can make use of the other urgently. Similar to we can rewrite the successful cooperation, the BioNaturel-online shop for natural cosmetics and Tiracon – the search engine optimization (SEO) Agency-are entered. WIN-WIN for both. On the Internet the best and most user friendly shop not much good as we know customers don’t know this and above all, can’t find it on the Internet. Especially for young online shops like BioNaturel, the successful launch in the online mail order is complicating and almost inconceivable without appropriate online marketing measures.

Search engine optimization is essential in the online-marketing-Potpourri and ensures the good positioning of a website in the major search engines. Seeking Internet users find fast to the own products / shop, increase the level of awareness in the target audience and customers can be obtained faster. But has the services of search engine optimization its price and represents a financial burden in the normal case for young entrepreneurs. The Lords of the Executive Board of the online agency Tiracon, money is one thing. A well-groomed appearance and well-being of another. Our job requires every day continuously demanding work on the PC us up to 14 h. And working in an environment contaminated by Elektrosmok leaves us somewhat quickly old”look.” “Taha continued,” because one wants to burden in terms of wellness and care not by chemical cosmetics and toiletries.

” The request relating to the search-engine-friendly implementation of online shops for natural cosmetics BioNaturel therefore met the employees of Tiracon. Business: search engine optimization for high-quality natural cosmetics of free choice. Jurgen Hempfe, owner of the online shops BioNaturel I was thrilled by this ‘ Deal’. Now, after a year I can say that was the collaboration for both parties benefit.” This unusual partnership helped the young BioNaturel shop for a successful start and already a strong customer base. The staff of the online agency Tiracon are also agreed that natural beauty is worth its price and with conviction behind the products and the unusual compensation deal. Company profile BioNaturel sells natural cosmetics since November 2007 via the online platform. The owner is Mr. Jurgen Hempfe. Zwickau is headquartered of BioNaturel cosmetic & wellness. BioNaturel sells certified natural cosmetics, as well as budgetary resources based on ecological and organic food supplements by the BDHI. BioNaturel cosmetic & wellness Mr Jurgen Hempfe Florian-Geyer-WEG 12 b D-08060 Zwickau phone: + 49-01805 – 010288 * fax: + 49-01805 010289 * * mobile rates may deviate 0.14 / min. nationwide (T-com landline) email: info at Web: agency profile since 2002 is the Agency for search engine optimization Tiracon in Leipzig. Founder is Mr. Marco Teubner. The Tiracon offers for your customers as well as project-related Consulting to the search-engine-friendly implementation of websites, external workshops and training courses on the subject of Suchmschinenoptimierung, as well as online-PR. Tiracon – Agency for search engine optimisation Cross Street 1 D-04103 Leipzig phone: 0341-600 110 91 email: grit.marschik at Web:

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