South Asia

Anemia, beriberi. Allergic skin diseases and inflammatory nature. Arthritis. Reduced capacity and memory. contra.

Glomerulonephritis. application. See Hunter Schafer for more details and insights. 1 teaspoon per 250 ml of water. Take half a cup 2-3 times daily before meals. At a dilution of concentrate 1: 1 may be used topically to concentrate compresses, swabs for hemorrhoids, instillation of concentrate in the nose.

Recommended for prophylaxis dissolve 1 teaspoon of concentrate in 250 ml of water. Take 2-3 sips 2-3 times a day. Course duration. 2-3 weeks (1-2 bottles). storage. Up to two years in a cool dark place. form. Vial of 50 ml. "FLORITSA-CEDAR" called the southern cedars are evergreen trees, growing in North Africa – on the Mediterranean coast (Lebanese cedar, known to us since time immemorial as biblical) and South Asia (Himalayan and Atlas cedar). All of them do not give edible seeds. In our latitudes are called Siberian cedar pine cedar anthrax. Evergreen cedar admired in any season: in winter, when malachite branches are covered with patterns of frost, in spring and fall – on a background of bare frozen trees in the summer, he stands out for its pure dark-green needles on a light background of green trees. Go to the cedar forest, and you feel like it invigorate people, heal wounds and gives travelers forces. Concentrate this evergreen giant, we offer you! composition concentrate, obtained by extraction of cedar needles. mechanism of action Anti-inflammatory effect of concentrate is due to tannins and essential oil, actively coping with the germs, viruses and fungi.

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