Windows Vista

Privacy policy determined by the value burglary. If, for example, your company is worth 1000000, and the cost of breaking it is 900,000 rubles. Then of course it will not break one, the one who needs it just buy it. If you are not convinced, visit AMN Healthcare Services. Or if your home computer, no nothing useful and cost breaking it is 10000 rubles, then it hardly anyone will climb. But here's the figure – the necessary cost of hacking need to be properly assessed. And as an example of how hacking can be conducted and how much it might cost you can read Here in this article. Consider safety laws, which are published Microsoft popodnobnee. Law number 1.

If you run on your computer, the application attacker, it is no longer your computer. Written on the one hand, all right. But it does not mean that you can not run anything at all. And in order to assist in the control of that run, for example, helps such a service as UAC Windows Vista. After all, in fact Windows Vista operating system by default is quite protected. But the application does not have the administrative rights in general very difficult to 'take' you have a computer. In fact, as soon as the application requires you have administrator privileges to harm – You and only you decide to press 'Yes' or enter the administrator password in window service UAC. And then the law provides a good example of a sandwich. No need to download software from unknown sources.

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