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Tea and Weight Loss

Many of us we are at the point where we don’t know why if we do everything necessary to lose weight, do not achieve it… It is very frustrating, so well here I give you 8 reasons so you recognize why your body is not answering the question: how to lose weight. 1. Not you exercise the suficienteNecesitas exercise you and exercising with weights 3 times a week, with one day of rest between training and training, for example: Monday Wednesday Friday / Tuesday Thursday Saturday. Exercises with weights must be integral, what do I mean? that should not be exercises with isolated movements (who work an only muscle) but who work multiple muscles at once. Also need to exhaust the muscle, leave it exhausted. Because the work with weights are needed?First, they give you a beautiful figure to your body, you will not see you loose, but really healthy. Secondly, because the muscles are burners of fat per excellence, even at rest.

Exercise cardiovascular, must be complementary to the dumbbell exercise, you need to do them after you finish you exercise your muscles, never before, since you will not get the enough out of your muscles. 2 You are not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep can help you gain weight, experts cannot say exactly why this phenomenon is. A study found that people who sleep 5 hours per day are more susceptible to weigh more than people that they rest only 7 hours per night. Sleep affects metabolism, if you do not sleep enough give you hunger. Not getting enough sleep affects the secretion of cortisone which is one of the hormones that regulate appetite. CABE highlight that sleep affects not only physical but also mental aspect, you can get irritable, tend to confuse you more, depress you or anger you. How to lose weight? Try to get 8 hours of sleep.