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The meat is all product of animal origin that is used as food. It can in accordance with be of the most different species the taste and the culture. It can be birds as chicken and Peru, hare, cow, sheep, of pig, can be fish (lambari, cod), crustaceans (shrimp and lobster) and clam (octopus). A more necessary definition taking in account histologia is one fabric muscular estriado that the skeleton recovers and forms vsceras. Being therefore the meeting of three different ones: fabric muscular, adiposo and vsceras, but have in its composition vases and nervous ramifications.

Vsceras, the fabric muscular with perenquima and excessively weaveeed found in this part. The protein is a very important nutrient for the health of the man. It plays different functions in the organism and important as enzyme constitution that has paper to speed up the chemical, hormonais reactions as the insulina, in the construction and maintenance of structures as it forms the melanina, the hair and antibodies that the organism protects against aggression of the microorganisms, supply of energy. The protein is constituted of the amino acid union. The amino acids if divide in not essential essentials and. The not essential proper human body and the essences have that to acquire for feeding, mainly of meat. Therefore vegetarian the risk runs to have lack of this product. When eating the meat the digestion initiates in the mouth where they are triturated, when arriving in the stomach it initiates the digestion where if they decompose in proteoses, great peptonas and polipeptdeos. Later when reaching the intestinal lumen, for the action of pancreticas enzymes (dipeptidases and tripeptidases) if transforms into lesser composites that are dipeptdeos and tripeptdeos (lesser pieces that a protein that has one hundred amino acids more than), in the microbilosidades of the cells of the mucosa digests dipeptdeos and tripeptdeos until amino acids.