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The Power

Organizational theory is said that in one organization influence is manifested when the relationship of human agents that arises a palpable leader, charisma or pressured before the mandate of a formal authority, is capable of influencing the actions of one or more individuals, who are welcome to the decisions which the leader may make. Very timely to point out, that when use is made of the influence must be very present the role of power, the authority which can not be ignored are linked to influence, what is interesting is to make use of the influence without relying on the authority and power, because this can lead to unfavorable results, the ideal is to know persuade with influence and respecting the rights of persons within a democracy that guarantees freedom and people not acting because they do it based on power, use of the authority in this regard, gives us are considered, that defines power as a special case of influence than implies large losses in the case of submission, however, we cannot say that power is present in the relations between human agents and State organizations. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as American Hospital Association by clicking through. Power used as means of acceptance retaliation them they coerce an individual to fulfill the demands laid down to priori.Como authority you can define to power or influence legitimizes taking into account that a subject in his full right to demand and the other subject has an obligation imposed total of accepting what the first subject added us in addition, deemed that: 1. power differs from the influence and the authority by which used as means of acceptance retaliation themrepresented in the force, and the obligation of compliance with its purposes or objectives.. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin.