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We have been given a wrong view of heroes. We have been told millions of times they are extraordinary people. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Albert Ellis has to say. And practices are transformed into gods in our imagination. If they ask us if anything we can say the names of some men but very little action. So let's do some further clarification in this regard. Hunter Schafer insists that this is the case. We'll start by saying that heroes are here among us. Yes, because basically many always placed in the past or elsewhere.

And no, the heroes are not people so different from everyone. In fact you could be yourself in certain circumstances. Because what they are not truly extraordinary feats but they are capable of starring. A hero is not always someone you know and much less famous. Moreover, the vast majority of them are completely unknown to the world. Not only in war there, nor related to violence. Because a hero is not more than any of us who will eventually make a great action for the benefit of others. Y to do so had to put in the background their personal interests.

Therefore we have heroes in any type of work. There are also people, for example parents, who by their sacrifices for their children could be considered as such. Many, if not all things we enjoy civilization required great efforts. The inventions we use today naturally as surgery and medications required years of research and sacrifice. The people involved with tenacity achieved extraordinary results for humanity are also heroes. So a hero is not a comic character. It is rather a person like any one day is capable of an extraordinary action with the benefit of others. Other Recommended Reading:.

Prepare And Use Your Own Treasure Map

Why do it? The correct question is: Why not? Changing patterns of thought and action of a lifetime, and reprogram your relationship models with wealth, often a burdensome and exhausting. So why refuse to help that work alone? The only effort will make the map. It is an excellent exercise to specify in images what you want. Then, by looking at it often, your subconscious will do all the work. Let's make it fun Dare to Play: to imagine, draw, cut and paste … Let your interior have a good time and experience. After all, if you enjoy it you will want to keep playing.

You can make your treasure map as you want, how you want, as you please. You want what you want, find or make images that best represent your wishes. You can be the size, shape, the colors you want. The game board Imagine how you would like it to be your life partner, family relationships, friendships, work, income, health, spirituality … Imagine all facets of your life that could be improved, and what results suck. What would make you really happy? Warning: This is not fool yourself @: by much grace that you do, do not use your treasure map for images of stars of the show. Is the worst that could happen? Bodyguard believe that you are a journalist, to appear in a tabloid and press harass you … Do you want that? Once you have a complete mental picture of life that would make you happy, create or find images that represent each of the desired dimensions.

If for example, has long dream of a vacation on a paradise island, looking for images of islands until you find one that makes you feel special. Use that image. The next thing is to find a picture of yourself that shows you happy, healthy and looking directly at the camera. That picture must be in the center of your treasure map. What if I put an example? I will explain how he became my friend Natalia. Left Ba-Gua scheme used in Feng Shui, he employed for not wanting to work hard to choose colors or shapes. Natalia wanted to: – Winning the $ 2,000 each month to his profession: he found an image that represents this desire and placed in the section. – Being recognized as a healer / alternative therapist serious and professional. Symbolized this aspiration with hands of healing energy that flows. – Finding a partner with whom to communicate from soul to soul: the image used in a Golden Eye to represent such a wish. – Improve your relationship with your child, teenager at the time. – Develop their creativity through the practice of Yoga. – To study and learn only those things that filled him emotionally. – Form a network of therapists to maximize their professional performance. – Search among his friends a couple to learn ballroom dancing. In the center put a picture of herself laughing as the image of health and wellness. Finally, she hung in her room, to see upon waking and at bedtime. . 2007 – All Rights Reserved. May be reproduced freely without making any modifications.