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High Development

REIGN OF HIGH-TECH Focusing on the most advanced technologies, we shall conquer the whole world the highest quality products. Innovation – the driving force of the company 'Winalite' since its inception. Based on scientific and technical advances in all phases of its activities, from development to production, the corporation is the leader among companies of similar profile in the country and abroad. Anion sanitary napkins 'Love Moon' Anion pad 'Love Moon' – a revolutionary innovation in the health sector, the implementation of our corporation. Only 'Winalite' is able to produce these unique pads, not only have an enhanced ability to absorb moisture, but also provide a healing effect. The Corporation plays a significant role in the fight against counterfeit hygiene products. Funds Health and Hygiene Baby Diapers Personal Care Whitening and moisturizing skin care products that contain AA2G Whitening, moisturizing, revitalizing face mask kit SPA – Aromatherapy 'V-Shine' High-tech products antiradiation map 'Health Card' Anti-radiation sticker for your phone 'Win Guard' anion respiratory mask 'Win Mask' Biovolnovaya regulating healing system for health food products Coffee 'Win Cafe' Center for Scientific Research and Development 'Winalite International, "The center was built in August 1997.

Pursuing a research and development of high technology products, it is the central technological strength of the company. Center played a major role in history of rapid development 'Winalite International. " Mr Vincent Cheng, chairman of the board, heads a group of companies operating under the motto: 'The technology that creates love. " The leaders of the group given a high on the ability of sustainable development center. They carry out a new development strategy that meets the sanitary needs of modern women. By working with many reputable organizations, center at the same time increased their internal capacity.

More than half of the elite center staff are masters and doctors in the field of nanotechnology, fine chemicals, computers and other similar areas. More than 25% of staff are graduates of famous universities like the University of Tsinhua, Nanjing University and Southeast University. To date, the center has received various national patents and praised the company 'Winalite International. "

Medical Sciences

Because of this, "Vineks" more efficiently reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, cleanses sosody, lowers cholesterol, neutralizes free radicals and, most importantly, slows the aging process and prolongs life so 'VINEKS' as part of treatment – preventive diet: protects blood vessels, heart and liver, increases efficiency and endurance, improves skin tone and, gives courage and good humor. Composition 1 capsule contains: Powder fine grape 162.50 mg Grape pomace 87.50 mg SHEVITON EXPERT OPINION: Academic Valentin Pokrovsky. President of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences: 'A generalization of the results of clinical and biochemical studies of tens of thousands of people across the country can claim: lack of intake of micronutrients – passion massive and permanent, adverse effects on health, development and viability of the entire nation. " Among the personal care and cosmetics, we most often buy-care hair. Shampoos, creams, masks, lotions, conditioners, dyes, hair sprays – for adults and children, men and women. The whole arsenal in the house of any modern man. And it is – not counting the time and money we spend visiting hairdressers, where our hair cut, color, placed and treated. Why we pay so much attention is the hair? As a person, they are always in sight, so are an integral part of our image.

Beautiful, brilliant, well-groomed hair talk not only about the accuracy and indifferent to the opinion of others – that is at once characteristic personality – they are also a reflection of our physical health and viability. From time immemorial, the beautiful and healthy hair were considered the chief ornament women and men for hair loss due to alopecia is always serious psychological test. Especially if it is not about age-related changes, and of premature Alopecia or hair of the disease, ie, alopecia. Alopecia may be due to genetic factors and diseases that affect the whole body or skin diseases.