The Birth Of Freedom

Birth of Freedom Plan and action differ from each other. As a rule, people tend to think their ideas for a long time. No matter what, even in the context of planning going on, a man spends on his time. Many of us learned in Taymmenedzhment educational structures. So do not be pulled down to the end of the ideas of management time. Interest in time comes from the value of knowledge. The institute teachers say that While love and money settlement. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

And here it is necessary to use computational abilities. It is important to think in a spirit of contemplation. eeringsumitomovalero-energy/’>Altha. Imagine your dream (plan) to climb Mount Everest. Time and you get to the Everest. And what do you do? Search for equipment, develop skills and reduce stress? Agree that direct attention to the ultimate goal is not always yield the results that we want. Others who may share this opinion include Angus Cloud. But, alas, still teach us “Antitaymmenedzhmentu,” it is for us no more than a habit.

Let’s look at several prospects on the other hand. Taymmenedzhment – a process not a goal. By the way, people often ask themselves the minor issues that I do. The basic question remains the same reason. Why am I reading this article? Why I do what I do? Due to the issue I’m starting to focus on its desire to involve themselves in the process. Burned or think that got burned? What style of control do you choose? Burned like the question why. This theory is interesting to sanctify with the position of basic emotions. How amazing that emotion is directed attention to the process. When a person is not going, he begins to worry nervous, look for the causes of errors. Evidence that the process requires correction. Anyone who does not accept emotions, accept them, but later in the form of a deep crisis. A still useful to ask yourself: what is the process I entail? Why should I? What part of developing character?

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