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The Birth Of Freedom

Birth of Freedom Plan and action differ from each other. As a rule, people tend to think their ideas for a long time. No matter what, even in the context of planning going on, a man spends on his time. Many of us learned in Taymmenedzhment educational structures. So do not be pulled down to the end of the ideas of management time. Interest in time comes from the value of knowledge. The institute teachers say that While love and money settlement. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City.

And here it is necessary to use computational abilities. It is important to think in a spirit of contemplation. eeringsumitomovalero-energy/’>Altha. Imagine your dream (plan) to climb Mount Everest. Time and you get to the Everest. And what do you do? Search for equipment, develop skills and reduce stress? Agree that direct attention to the ultimate goal is not always yield the results that we want. Others who may share this opinion include Angus Cloud. But, alas, still teach us “Antitaymmenedzhmentu,” it is for us no more than a habit.

Let’s look at several prospects on the other hand. Taymmenedzhment – a process not a goal. By the way, people often ask themselves the minor issues that I do. The basic question remains the same reason. Why am I reading this article? Why I do what I do? Due to the issue I’m starting to focus on its desire to involve themselves in the process. Burned or think that got burned? What style of control do you choose? Burned like the question why. This theory is interesting to sanctify with the position of basic emotions. How amazing that emotion is directed attention to the process. When a person is not going, he begins to worry nervous, look for the causes of errors. Evidence that the process requires correction. Anyone who does not accept emotions, accept them, but later in the form of a deep crisis. A still useful to ask yourself: what is the process I entail? Why should I? What part of developing character?


The subject in prominence happily presents optimistic trend the new changes, being able one day to cheat success, however in some schools this already occurs of slow and still very different form. The differential has been the work in team on the part of some institutions of education, the process comes occurring of positive form and this has made all difference. 2.As possibilities of the inclusion and its benefits an essential tool that it contributes for the success of the inclusion is the specialized educational attendance (AEE), that it acts in set with the professors, improving its condition of work, and has for purpose to evaluate the necessities of the pupils with NEE, to think about strategies to use finally and, to make the adaptation of the materials. Donald Cerrone is full of insight into the issues. Another important action is to involve the professors, employees of the school and the classmates in actions that help if to organize. With the attention of all routine is more easy to include it na. (…) Children must be educated to live well, what she means to develop its capacity of cognition and its capacity to love, itself proper and to the others. To know to take care of of the friends, to recognize its differences and to understand them is important to live itself fully, receiving the diversity as possibility of enriquecedora experience. For even more opinions, read materials from Natalie Rogers. (…), (IT HISSES, 2011, P. 61) The inclusion process is possible of being decided, therefore through experiences of professors diverse doubts of who had been solved want to educate pupils with NEE. It is possible to obtain financial resources for schools without adjusted infra-instructor, to use technology to improve the learning of children with deficiency and to learn to deal inside with adverse situations of the classroom.

Treatment And Medication

Model Elements PRO model: P (problem) – The problem. R (remedy) – translation of the word – "a means of treatment, medication," but in Russian-speaking environment, familiar with the model used specialists the word "decision". O (outcome) – Result. Problem Solution Result PRO model is built on the premise that the client during the session gives the linguistic cues that allow you to decipher what it was he who puts coach: problem, solution, the desired result, or a mixture of them. Identifying linguistic signals (words client), coach of the charges against him the words he creates for clients individual questions. Moreover, questions that allow the client to successfully transition from the problems or solutions to the state of the desired result. Model PRO, or rather the ideology of compulsory transfer problem task (goal), in my opinion, is not the opening of the British authors, all schools of coaching, in one way or another, talk about the importance and necessity of working in coaching is to the purpose and result.

All schools offer their students own work, tools for such work. But if a coach uses in his work or PRO model uses different models and tools, for it is important to distinguish between the ability of state: problems, solutions and results. How can identify these conditions, how to recognize when a client says about the problem, when a decision or does he say about the result? How to recognize a problem? The first and basic rule defining the problem: the problem is a problem, unless the client says so.

Medical Translation

Although to have presented all these difficulties we do not find pupils, dislxicos. But two that they present forts dislexia signals. However, they had been never submitted to no evaluation. Therefore, we cannot consider them dislxicos. CONCLUSION Throughout the work it was identified that the reading problems, nor they always can be dislexia symptoms. Great art of the students who are initiating the process of reading and writing presents difficulties that are normal. The lack of interest for the reading many times is associated with the stimulaton and contact that the child does not have.

Considerably, the activities proposals in classroom are that they must be reelaboradas, with intention to improve the quality of education.

Inter Professor

The professor will be the incentivador, the encouraging one for the proper initiative of the student (PIAGET, 2000, p.40). Still regarding the relation professor-pupil, we see that this relation has that to be based on the dialogue most fruitful, where ' ' erros' ' of the students they pass to be seen as integrant of the learning process. This if of because to the measure that the pupil ' ' erra' ' the professor obtains to see what already he is knowing and what still he must be taught. These ' ' errors construtivos' ' that they can differ from the correct answers, but they do not hinder that the children arrive it (PIAGET, 2000, p.43). Learning it is not scrumbled to the memorization, but yes to the logical reasoning, understanding and reflection. It will be constructed in the head of the subject to one to leave of the mental structures that it possesss. Coming back the relation professor-pupil, this interaction must be based on the cooperation of both.

Thus, it will be through the debate and quarrel between equal that the process of the cognitivo development will be given; the professor assuming the paper only of instigador and provoker, keeping the cooperation climate. The consequences will be to the decentralization, the socialization, the construction of a rational and dynamic knowledge of the pupils. Of this form, the production of the children starts to be party to suit of education and learning, searching to not only understand the meaning of the process and the product (FERNANDZ, 2001, p.55). Conclusion The affectivity absence, is an aggravating one, because if the pupil does not feel itself important, then its auto one esteem is affected, and fits to the professor to be intent to this question, therefore beyond mediator of, it must recognize that a relevance knowledge in the affective aspect in the subjectivity of the Inter-relations in many segments of the society, since the first days of existence of the individual, even in elapsing of its integral development in the social context.

Gold Mine

Learn the man in the photo? 🙂 Do you think that in any case a person can be called rich? Is it enough for it to have a specific amount of money? It's no secret that for many, the concept of "wealth" is identified with the presence of specific amount of money or other material benefits, but is it all that makes sense? I suggest you look at this concept differently. In fact, just because you wrongly understand the concept of "wealth", you it is not. You are seeking to make money, find some specific amount for the acquisition of material goods. But with such a goal you will find only disappointment and internal resistance. And even if you reach your goal, you will experience the same feeling of guilt, if not your success will be underpinned by the success of your clients. The truth is that the material prosperity of man – a reflection of his contribution to society.

The more a man has done for society, the more society thank him in cash. To think that you need money, so to see myself in need and seek to patch up a "hole" in the budget, and certainly not to help other people. Look at all personalities, achieving dazzling financial success: Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, Sergey Brin, Donald Trump, Michael Schumacher, Andriy Shevchenko, call themselves. Regardless of the type of activity, these people brought into the lives of others is something very precious, something that changed their lives for the better.

Importance School

It is necessary to offer the professors, for example, qualification courses so that the educators if feel? in fact thus it is? chemical preparations for one better application of the contents to discipline and pedagogical in classroom, make as well as it adjusting them with the reality of its pupils. To materialize the longed for school she is necessary, in accordance with the results gotten in the present research, a persistence of the center directory in a sincere shelter and fraterno not only of educating, but of the family as one all, aiming at with this, to open the physical and affective doors of the school? thus generating, a reciprocal relation of school x external community. It was concluded, also, that the school must be attractive for the eyes of its pupils, must be a place where it wants to be not for imposition, but for option, for independent conscience of that there it is its place, its stairs for a solid and beneficial future: a place in which simultaneously dreams can be planted and carried through. For in such a way, it is essential that if it not only makes a work of awareness of the importance and the constructive value of the school with the alunado one, but also, with the parents of these pupils, guiding them of the concrete possibilities of life that its children will have when and only when they live and they interact in the pertaining to school environment, rescuing, thus, the paper of the education as transforming agent of a life, pparently, without perspectives.

Mental Upheavals

Thus, for the fact of the language materna to be present in all you discipline them pertaining to school, and the language difficulties to be one of the most important causes of the learning problems, the relative studies to the subject are basic for practical pedagogical in general and the psicopedaggica in particular. The dislexia translates a difficulty of learning that if characterizes for problems in the verbal language, or writing, as much in the receptive aspect, as in the expressive one. In accordance with Rotta (2006. P.151) the term was used for the first time in 1872, for Berlin and in 1896, Morgan published, in the Medical Britian Journal, ‘ ‘ the interesting case of an adolescent with incapacity to read, even so, if evaluated cognitivamente, must have conditions to make it, called this peculiar condition? verbal blindness? ‘ ‘.? The expression ‘ ‘ verbal blindness congnita’ ‘ it was substituted by ‘ ‘ specific dislexia after the clinical study of Hallgrio, in 1950. (Rotta.

p.152). The Disgnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Upheavals DSM-IV characterizes the dislexia as ‘ ‘ comprometimento accented in the development of the abilities of recognition of the words and the understanding of leitura’ ‘ Reading, in strict direction, is interpretation of conventional graphical signals e, therefore, one forms symbolic of learning. Thus, the change of an only sign can change, or make it difficult the interpretation of the text. In accordance with Rotta and Pedroso (2006 p.153) ‘ ‘ The verbal reading in the dislxico is characterized by omissions, distortions and substitutions of words and for the slow reading and vacilante’ ‘.