The Principle

I want to share with the universe my experiences. The energy that it induced to me to create the Guard of Navarre. It walked by extrawalls of Laguardia, by the well-known and recommended, stroll of the Col (colla for the there resident ones), began to fall afternoon of a warm and plomizo day of August. The vines were envero in the heat of, eager for sun and detesting one it contributes water extra that reanimated the fngica activity. A warm, smooth, but annoying wind blew. Little by little it would tend to increase his power.

The leaves of banana trees shook foretelling worse meteorological conditionses. Roses white, that grew wild by where Don Victor took a walk Mud wall, feared to remain naked and unprotected until the end of the summer. Next to them, halfway between forgotten merendero and the prgola beams of stone, shady place on foot of the walls of the schools, madreselvas and the ivies they wrapped cats that seemed to take refuge of the needles come off the pines. In Don Felix, the shame disturbed any thought and forced to lower the head and to entrecerrar the eyes. The white and cottony, impenetrable clouds, transformed into accumulation halos. Loaded celestial water cauliflowers on the verge of overflowing. A hypotension sensation reduced the vital tone to me.

The heat at that moment could be felt and to walk was not light. Each step seemed to occur in a liquid atmosphere. I raised the stairs of kiosco, the bust of Samaniego remained inner to me under its permeable iron ceiling. Its lost glance, was afraid of which somebody returned it to start and to deposit in a next municipal wastebasket. Or perhaps it continued being inspired by Esopo or the Fontaine creating fables that nobody would be able to extract of its solid brain. I watched upwards, lightning rods hoped raised that any day an incandescent unloading was transmitted by all the metallic structure it would fuse and it. It was created for it and until now its task had been absolutely sterile. Leaving the fabulista I showed myself to the landscape, resting me in a heavy trunk. I romped with the hands on shrubs that aired a tenuous aroma to cypress. Luctuosos memories, but also to dangerous infantile games. Suddenly, an explosion was heard. A blinding brilliance and I distinguished like sparks, bengalas, were leaving furrows burning on the turf. A burned scent to invaded the atmosphere, while silence I open the way to a repairing fresh and humid breeze. I returned from the temporary unconsciousness and in my mind an obsessive idea floated. I will live to share with the other my pleasing moments, to have only friendly that are worth the trouble and to drink, exclusively, the best wines. From that moment the Guard was born from Navarre, with the purpose of to present/display and to disclose the great wines that, in my, generate excellent sensations. In order to drink them and to enjoy them people good, there are where them. And so that my friendly accompany to me until this wonderful world that is the WINE.

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