I remember myself of terms worked in classroom a text presented for our Professor Antonio Marcelo, at the time was disciplines it Philosophy, 1 year of History. This text age of authorship of Fbio Professor Leather strap, where Augustin discoursed on Saint and here I display the ticket that deals with the Time: ' ' Three times in my mind exist therefore these that I do not see in another part: present souvenir of the passed things, present vision of the things gifts and present hope of the future things. If me he is allowed to use such expressions, I see then three times and I confess that they are trs.' ' (Saint Augustin) Leaving of this agostiniana premise I intend to make some investigations. First, on the present souvenir of the last things. Taking in consideration that studies in the tico field, had been able in supplying information to them as of that we cannot catch the things in the accurate instant that occur, therefore delays one brevssimo period enters the reception of the light, electric captation of the retina and impulses sent to brain.

We have then a passed vision, or as it displays Augustin, a souvenir, a captation of fragmented memory. But we go to as the point, present vision of the things gifts. As I displayed above, the present vision is passed, for the inefficiency of apprehension of the manifest reality. Soon, we have a last gift. Clearly that we can venturing in them for the secular diversity and arriving the conclusion that this also is an illusion, for the diverse secular dimensions that enclose diverse instants.

The problem still persists, on not terms a present vision, only one searchs for catching this instant that to if losing, left resqucios of its existence in our souvenir, what it one more time sends in them to the first argued point. It happens, that still we have the present hope of the future things. In this point, it fits plus a reflection, therefore to not the terms a present vision, still thus, occurs the evidence of the search for it when perscrutar the souvenirs. Thus, the hope if makes gift as to devir of the act lost gift to the being, more caught as fact for the last memory. Reformulating the agostiniano argument I would say that ' ' We have a Last Vision (Not-Catch in the instant where it is), a Future Souvenir (evidence of the Last Gift) and a Present Hope (desire of being present). ' '

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