Ultimate Wellness Experience

The gym offers capsule from immediately the new hydro fusion slim Spa cover on and into the realm of the blessed! The innovative device, which looks like it was sprung a science fiction film, opened a completely new wellness and relaxation dimension in the gym Sports Park Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim. The hydro merger slim Spa capsule combines vibration massage, infrared heat, aroma and colour therapy with skin improvement, rejuvenation and stress relief. Stress, time pressure, Burnout, stress, premature skin aging… – modern man suffers from many major and minor aches and pains, which restrict the quality of his life and make him sick. The modern man does not rest, but at least he makes a few really progressive inventions that make him his hectic life and occasionally.

One of them is the hydro merger slim Spa capsule. This looks as if it were straight from a space station in the spa area of the Sportpark of Vitalis been beamed. Who here would like to enjoy a vacation from everyday life, various fantastic features, opens up the for the usually different individual devices are needed. But absolutely real and everyone in the gym in Maintal-Dornigheim experience, the ultimate time out need phenomenal fairytale relaxation and fabulous regeneration. The operation of the capsule is very simple thanks to the large, clear display.

Before all functions you hardly know where to begin listing: at the massage table, which offers several types of massages and programs for the integrated steam bath with aroma therapy, sound therapy, infrared heat, or the relaxation videos…? The steam system has not only relaxing, but also skin enhancing properties and can contribute to an improvement and rejuvenation of the skin. Infrared deep heat provides for an acceleration of metabolism, why is worth a visit in the hydro merger slim Spa capsule before the training to optimize energy consumption. The vibration massage helps to remove waste products from the body tissues and is effective against muscle spasms. The holistic combination of colour, aroma and sound therapy has proved already in other application areas as extremely effective and has a proven positive effect on the psyche. There are different programs, for example to reduce stress, skin rejuvenation, or the general revitalization at the disposal. The Sportpark of Vitalis team helps each building to find the appropriate program for themselves. The hydro merger slim spa can capsule individually as 10 or 20 subscription are booked. There are all the info about the gym Sports Park Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim under of the sports park Vitalis health-oriented fitness club sports park offering Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim 1,800 sqm fitness and wellness. Best trained employees, trainers, instructors, physiotherapists and sports scientists support the members on your way to physical and psychological well-being under the guidance of sports medicine. In the 850 square foot strength and endurance space, as well as in various courses, the sports park offers Vitalis effective and goal-oriented ways of fitness training. Various saunas, steam baths and massages in the wellness area make for relaxation and recreation.

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