Water Tower

People living in the city consume water unevenly. If you open all the taps at the same time, many homes no water flows, it is simply not enough. Engineers built a special graph showing the need for water in different time of day. And it turned out that most water is needed in the morning and afternoon, and less – at night. For a more even distribution of water and comes to the aid of a water tower. Once the tower is – a reliable water supply. Filed under: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. It's long been understood people. All the old houses, castles and manor houses were equipped with a water tower.

The very first tower in Russia supplied water Moscow fortress – the Kremlin. When you are in Moscow and ask, where is this tower, you will be. Than larger the city, the greater the number of people living on different schedules: at different times stand up, take their food and water consumed by people in the city during the day almost uniformly. In the major cities of our country's water towers usually do not build, and at night just turn off some pumps at the water station. In some countries, the engineers take a different view. For example, in the U.S. believe that the tower system reliability and efficiency.

Therefore, the water-pressure Tower – typical of American cities, even large ones. How does our city water comes into the house? Water distribution is similar to the circulatory system. Pumps water station – is the heart that day and night being driven by the water arteries – water. According to him water flows into the city water network. The whole town is enmeshed in a web of underground pipes. By underground pipes join let into the walls of houses thin vertical tube. Pressure which creates a distant water pump station, water itself rises through the pipes. Pipes laid in the walls of houses are connected to taps bathtubs and sinks. You open the tap, and out of the running stream of pure and tasty water.

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