General Secretariat

During the nine years of Alberto Aza in front the body responsible for the Organization of the work and activity of the head of State, the tasks of the Crown have adapted to innovations that had different needs social and economic of the Spaniards, while the Royal family was undergoing changes. The most important came as a result of the marriage of the Prince and Princess Letizia, from which both have intensified and expanded its work agenda, committed to the efforts to address the crisis and, in the case of the heir to the Crown, ready to exercise their future obligations, with a stable family and a guarantee of institutional continuity assured. Aside from continued official activity, inside and outside Spain, deployed by various members of the Royal family, the news media have followed with attention these past years the evolution of the health of the King, especially after surgery in a lung that was submitted in May of the year past and the recent operation on the right knee. The timing for communicate the relief in the King’s House coincides with the end of a week in which the Royal family in full, including eight grandchildren of monarchs, has met in Majorca around don Juan Carlos on the occasion of the 30th Cup of sailing and that – except for one ill-timed tendonitis – it has been established almost every day the j of the State recovery. In the absence of knowing the name of whom exercise – expected in October – the General Secretariat, Spottorno return clamping scheme that makers of the King’s House are professionals in diplomacy, as it is the case since 1993, first with the team formed by Fernando Almansa and the own Rafael Spottorno and currently with the tandem Alberto Aza-Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner. Source of the news: Alberto Aza leaves the King’s House after nine years of changes and new challenges

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