Natural Therapy – Sleep

Bedroom – one of the few places where you can forget about the problems and worries of the day, leaving the threshold of all the worries. It is therefore very important that the atmosphere of the bedroom helps to relax and unwind. After all, strong and healthy sleep – a precondition of productive activity in the active time of day. Healthy sleep is a prerequisite for normal life in this state, a person spends a third of his life. Sleep disorders can lead to a deterioration of memory, attention, reduce physiological body tone. For most people, a dream – one of the most effective means to combat nervous overloads that arise during the day. During sleep, reduced functional state. Parts of the brain, working day in a dream reduce their activity to a minimum, resting and recovering.

It is known that sleep is not homogeneous state, it consists of at least two successive phases: the "slow" and "fast". Abnormalities in the duration of the phases of fast and slow wave sleep, the constant lack of sleep had a negative impact on health man, his capacity for work and emotional state. Typically, healthy sleep lasts from 5 to 10 hours. Its duration depends on the nature of man, his temperament, age, gender and lifestyle. As noted by the candidate Medical Sciences, Anna Davydova: "From my own experience I can say that" dolgospyaschie "people – more tender, fragile, weak nervous system. A dream for them a kind of "magic wand". It helps to better adapt to ills of life.

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