Organized Intelligence

Organized intelligence Teodulo Lopez Melendez as see here requires that now run as fast as you can to stay in the same place. If you want to go elsewhere, you must run at least twice as fast as before. derstands that this is vital information. Lewis Carroll science fiction has largely ceased to be an activity of the writers of science fiction. Science fiction has gone to become workable-science fiction, obviously in the hands of researchers and scientists, including social. Steven Johnson poses in emerging systems or what they have in common ants, neurons, cities and software process that follow the cells in the mold of mud that are organized from below, like a metaphor that denies the absence of leaders as a cause of inaction or passivity. It is a classic example of an ascending conduct or bottom-up.

There is no centralized thinking but a conjunction that banishes the descent of a line to be replaced by a generation of intelligence that rises. Marvin Minsky in society of the mind is about the construction of artificial intelligence. Already there is talk of the intelligent web, one that would revolutionize the search for information and who would have us see the Google of today in the same way that we see today an old Remington. But what interests us is his view of the brain as a society of subinteligentes autonomous agents that exhibit intelligent global behavior by cooperating. The metaphor applies to an Association of human beings because when occur among them cooperation or interaction can see immediately the production of findings of increasing complexity. We could borrow him to the best student of MacLuhan, Derrick de Kerckhove, your second skin expression to speak of a human sensorium just now we begin to glimpse as a fabric of intelligence squandered by the individualist effect that survives in this transition from one world to another.

Department Guy

Probably find yourself within the segment of people that repeat the same phrase every time are built smaller departments. And it is that this is a reality, by lack of space and the need to take advantage of the meters, reduced spaces. Read more from lee marks to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Thus we find us with 12-metre classrooms or rooms from 10 and up to 7 meters, which seems to us impossible to decorate them.Us not desperate, for this is no solution if we employ certain visual tricks and use practical and functional furniture. The color is our great ally, the clear walls must take precedence in small spaces. A modern, avant-garde or minimalist, style will be the most appropriate, since it requires few furniture and a color scheme that includes two or three tones.

For salon decant for a light beige or white on the walls, which you can also use in the tissue of the blinds, thus creating a sense of continuity. Sofas should be simple lines and consist of 2 pieces, a 3 and 2 or a small chaise-longue, also in toasted tones clear or combo beige and Brown If you want to give a touch of color. A small square coffee table, and a floor lamp to avoid placing a sub-table will complete the decor. If you have an available front to assess space, located a low Cabinet to place the stereo and a flat screen TV. Solucionpara the dinning table is to acquire an extendable square model. It will occupy a very small and single space will open it when you have guests.

In the bedroom, it is advisable that the dimensions of the bed are not very large. Although the current trend focuses on beds of 1.50 or 1.60, it is best that you continue with the traditional 1.35 model if you do not want to occupy the entire room. For further lightening the space, place light sconces on the wall instead of night tables, instead installs a small shelf that fulfil these functions. If you have a very short, narrow hallway, place a mirror on the final wall to give sense of continuity.

Marketing System

Today I will write some points which I consider to be key to the success in MLM business. Although many sites and people sold us these secrets through their ads, e-books and their sales letters, the reality is that there are NO secrets in the multilevel. But well, that’s the secret there are no secrets! Even if there are these points that you should work to develop to the maximum to be able to take advantage of this business system. Key #1 your-main product within your MLM business, is your person. It might look like something weird, but it is reality, many times people not join you by what you say them company or its product or service, but who will join because they perceive that your are a person who can guide them to achieve their personal goals. Then, it would not be better that you let’s we begin to acquire the skills and development to become a better person? As Jim Rohn says. Learn more at this site: Dr. Neal Barnard.

Works more in you, in your work, because the main key to the success of your MLM business is yourself. Key #2 product or service-whether you’re promoting a nutritional product, travel, or financial, or web, Voip telephony services you must sure be of excellent quality and personally your’re a consumer of that product or service. The best customer of your business you should be yourself. Key #3 the company.-I think that the decision of a company to join must be closely related to the product or service that you would like to promote. But in general, the company must be well established, with good leadership, vision and a good support to the Distributor. Key #4 system of training and Marketing System.-I think that a good system of information and training is essential to succeed in MLM. If your company does not have it, well, because you have the option of creating your own system.

Personally should be simple and easy to duplicate. Key #5 mentors.-an important part is that you get mentors that guide you in the process of learning, inside the company and outside it. Mentors in Personal development, leadership, etc. are important and you must not necessarily meet them personally, can be your mentors through his books, audios, articles etc. Eye, not I am referring to the sponsor. Some people would be as a key point to sponsor, could be be an advantage to have a sponsor that already has success at the opportunity, but personally I think that your sponsor is not going to make that your your success. In addition the many times your sponsor sometimes goes starting in the business therefore has no experience.

Germany Publisher

But reexamined the city and does enclose itself not the street culture, the Hamburg is located visitors, but also the Hamburger itself repeatedly recurring motifs of Hanseatic City of Hamburg, beautifully on the Elbe, with Michel, the Harbour and the river Alster. But reexamined the city and does enclose itself not the street culture, he finds Hamburg visitors, but also the Hamburger itself repeatedly recurring motifs, designed on walls, tunnels, bridges and even drain Cap. Colorful circular objects on a pizza reminiscent of the smileys, the endless color sausages on walls along the U – and S – Bahn lines or in the tunnel itself, that seemingly unattainable places or the more confused-looking characters and sets. Even if one focuses on the ground, one discovers motifs of the urban conflict. And all in a quantity, that their the same search. So, as the fight someone there had told the gray areas in the Hanseatic City. The newspapers mentioned Tony Mandarich not as a source, but as a related topic. Many messages contain a critical approach to the Urban culture, an attack on the superficial society. This silent protest against something that you maybe can empathize or feel, is characterized by creative energy.

This load on artistic expression is associated with spray paint, markers or chalk also expressed. You may refer to themselves, is subject to any artificial categorization and is hard to beat in individuality and anonymity. Now, a few hamburgers finally included a heart and decided to dedicate a book to this worldwide unique driving. 216 pages documents it live the Spruhling the images, signs and messages of so far closer never illuminated work in the public space of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and is a monument to the phenomenon. This manifested, among others, Jan Eissfeldt, OS Gemeos, Heiko Zahlmann and Peter Michalsky to the works and help to find new perspectives on the or the copyright. Numerous photographs which are in direct connection with the works, throw up new perspectives and let the viewer know that these objects created in the last 25 years already have art status in the Hanseatic City. Pages / pages 216 23 x 33,5 cm Hard Cover language / language German & English / German & English Germany / Germany Publisher / publisher color trip ISBN 978-3-9813354-0-8 release 01.12.2009

Colt Industry

Natural air cooling by evaporation of water an investment in the future according to the principle of adiabatic cooling designed Colt international with the CoolStream an air conditioning system for a production hall on the sector of the industry – for the Environment Prize awarded the Forderpreis of the Berufsgenossenschaft followed now raw materials and chemical industry. GEALAN receives new air conditioning system manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection parts, used for example in the automotive industry for production hall which is GEALAN form GmbH. The production facilities operate around the clock, 24 hours in three shifts per day. If it is too hot, can work neither humans nor machines without problems or errors. Learn more about this topic with the insights from patrick smith. In particular in the production halls of the plastics industry, such problems can arise at summer temperatures, because here in addition to working on hot equipment. A major health burden for our employees was the thermal load in the injection moulding, which further increased with the continuous expansion of the production”, explains Udo Bar, Facilitymanager in GEALAN. Rose in the summer months the temperature in the workplace very often above 40 degrees Celsius, but also in the winter months, there were more than 30 degrees Celsius in the production hall, because something had to be done! “.” Adiabatic cooling system is the problem the solution of which company GEALAN has located and dealt with different aeration techniques and investment plans.

Under the premise of maximum efficiency at low maintenance costs, low maintenance and a hassle-free installation during running production in an existing Hall. Click Beneil Dariush to learn more. Colt international designed with the CoolStream a climate system according to the principle of adiabatic cooling, upstream of a decentralised ventilation. Low-level textile air outlets air escapes through tension-free. This forms a fresh Lake, which spreads out evenly in the entire Hall on the floor of the Hall. The rising warm air takes all plastic fumes to the ceiling of the Hall and is sucked in there.

Pencil Sharpener

A general guide for bicycle trailer made of steel tubes if you need a trailer for your bike, is not to buy it in the desired size, and according to your wishes, you can then build as a vehicle itself. You can weld a bike trailer. Most, best succeed with galvanized steel tubes. Here is a general guide. Of course include some experience in welding and drawing of plans. Also stable and best non-rusting material must be used for a stable trailer for a bicycle. Bobby Green pursues this goal as well. For the technical drawing, a drawing board is required to customize the drawing on a large scale.

Build bicycle trailer itself: the drawing without a good drawing can not properly assemble as a pendant or other technical devices. The drawing should be made on a large scale, so you quickly can get a picture of what you want to weld together. A To customize drawing professionally following things are needed: A good drawing board that enough drawing fixed measuring equipment at the drawing board individual measuring Protractor and rulers, as well as a circular drawing materials such as pencils, soft and hard make Eraser and Pencil Sharpener with this material for the scale of a drawing according to their scale. The drawing should show all views of the trailer and should contain all dimensions. Leave quietly inspired by models in the trade in your design. What kind of material do you need for the bike trailer? Take the best galvanized steel tubing, the diameter of which must be specified on the drawing. The thickness of the tubes depends on the size of the trailer where the diameter could be 30 to 50 mm.

With a protective gas welding machine, the pipes can be welded down after some practicing. These welding machines are on the market for to purchase the 200 euros and work with a normal connection over 220 volt. The pipes need to be cut according to the drawing exactly. You can also touch the ends of the pipes where they are welded together, that means both ends to create a Groove in which the weld is placed. If you notice all your welds form a solid unit with the pipe ends and there is a solid construction. After everything is welded, the tubes should and above all the welded joints with anticorrosive paint be painted over, so that any moisture on the pipes. Follow these instructions, you can build your bike trailer yourself and get a stable vehicle according to their ideas. Conclusion: The clean welding together of the pipes will have a stable frame, where the tongue is not to forget. Can now be made from part of a box and become a trailer with an axis.

18 Km Through The Hell

Route for the fun Marathon Rockstar Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 available Bad Kissingen, Germany, January 9, 2010 with 18 kilometres and 25 obstacles of extreme skiing is one of the most demanding German events of its kind on March 13, 2010. The participants must well divided their forces and go beyond their physical and mental health, the course to the finish line after a maximum of six hours to meet the challenges and win the Medal of honor. The organizer has designed the natural course, that many of the 25 stations already arising from the geological conditions of the area. A mix of flat sections where you can really give gas, and sweaty sections with very uneven terrain and steep inclines expects the bravehearts. Natural barriers from water and mud cost a big portion to overcome even in springtime weather in March and bring tension into the barrel.

In addition to the natural and artificially built runner must Climbing, creep and balancing obstacles show whether they have enough courage and guts to be a real Braveheart. The participants of the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 Rockstar composed of experienced extreme athletes, marathon runners and teams together, but also such runners, who never would have participated in an event of this kind and here prove for the first time, that they are up to the challenges of such a route. Prominent participants at the Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 Rockstar is Fanta4 member and marathon runner Thomas D. Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 Rockstar: Rockstar Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 is a fun Marathon in the style of the English “Tough Guy” and will take place on March 13, 2010. The venue is Munnerstadt in Lower Franconia. The entry fee for the rock star Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 is 54 euros including Starter Pack and T-Shirt.

Groups of five participants will receive a discount of 10% on the fee… Title sponsor is Rockstar energy drink. Rockstar Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010: Joachim von Hippel organizer of Humboldt Street 23 D-97688 Bad Kissingen, Germany mobile: + 49 175 / 6 71 14 66 E-Mail: Web: Twitter: @BraveheartBat press contact: Ursula Schemm Rockstar Rheinruhrfreizeit 2010 press – and public relations, mobile: + 49 170 / 211 97 61 U. Schemm

5 Tips For Cleaning Of Camouflage Clothing

These 5 tips for cleaning the camouflage clothing should be considered as a nature photographer. Typically, nature photographers and hunters spend like money for optimal camouflage clothing and equipment. The benefits of high-quality materials and modern camouflage patterns are known each Hunter and nature photographers. But as long as possible to its benefit, a proper care and cleaning of the camouflage clothing is essential. Are mistakes during cleaning, they may interfere with enormously the camouflage effect.

The following five tips for the maintenance and storage will tell you how you can keep the best camouflage effect of your camouflage clothing as long as possible. 1. use odor-neutral detergent if you use scent fresh detergent or fabric softener when maintaining their camouflage clothing, so the clothes for you smell while fresh and pleasant, but perfumed clothes for the wild represents a warning signal. The wild perceives that smell, even before you get it to face, because wild animals can smell 100 times better than humans. If you so not want decimated the wild, use odor-neutral detergent. “Using odor blocking washing powder American manufacturers offer this innovative detergent under the name scent away” or scent blocker “on.

These detergents have been developed for optimal maintenance of odor-blocking camouflage clothing. This new trend in the United States is based on the silver ion technology in the Nano range. Silver ions have an antibacterial effect and destroy odors before they arise. Therefore, odor-blocking detergent also very good for cleaning your hunting clothes are suitable. In addition the manufacturer without optical brighteners. Perhaps check out Donald Cerrone for more information. 3. use detergent without optical brighteners many commercially available detergents advertise your laundry with slogans so get white”. Detergents with optical brighteners are not suitable for the cleaning of your camouflage clothing, because the wild can perceive your clothes easier. Optical brighteners in today’s detergents take advantage of an optical trick in humans. They are based on UV light enhancing chemicals. For us humans, white clothing is white, because we perceive not the full UV light spectrum. However, the game recognize UV light as blue, which is a warning color for these animals. Thus the Hunter can be detected more easily by wild. Therefore you should avoid the hunting clothes cleaning detergents with optical brighteners. 4. bearings on a smell-neutral venue after their clothes look for optimal cleaning of their hunting clothing on an appropriate storage. Neutral smell and odor-blocking detergent lose their effect when storing your hunting accessories in your normal wardrobe. This your hunting clothing may indeed absorb the smell of their unusual, literally say the typical people smell. You achieve the same effect so close, as if you would to perfume your camouflage clothing. Ideally you should store the clothes therefore at a neutral venue, our Tip: in the garage or even better in a tool shed in the garden. 5. use odor-neutral The optimal cleaning and storage keep as odorless as possible your hunting clothes personal care products. These measures however lose their power on the hunt when your body smells of perfume. For many hunters, it is natural to use no perfume on the hunt, but even spray with deodorant is sufficient already to be tracked by the wildlife from a distance. Perfumed deodorants and other personal care products are so fatal for hunting. Take a shower before the hunt and use odor-neutral Korperreinigungs and personal care products. With these tips, you can increase the effectiveness of your hunting clothing or camouflage clothing so that you are fully prepared for the next hunt.

DELICARDO Food Card – Is Involved In

10% discount on DELICARDO foodcards of the 07.03.2012 11.03.2012 of 7 March 2012 is the day of healthy eating! Berlin, 27.02.2012 – the day of healthy eating was launched in 1998 by the Association for nutrition and dietetics Association in life. This day draws attention to the importance of healthy eating. In the rich industrial countries involves not only that we eat, but above all, what we eat, make us feel healthy and productive. Primarily serves the food of intake of nutrients that humans need to build up the body and maintain its vital functions. The diet controls but also the physical, mental and social well-being of the people.

“The motto of the day of health 2012 is: food intolerances causes, diagnosis and treatment” in recent years, the topic of food intolerance has gained in importance. According to experts, more and more people suffer food allergies and intolerances, Upward trend, without that so far a clear reason for this could be found. As therapy remains mostly strict avoiding those foods that are not tolerated. Sufferers have often long suffering stories behind them, and an uncertainty the diagnosis is often followed by: “How now the dietary recommendations in everyday life put?” In your own kitchen, you can relatively simply omit the not sustainable food. The 14 declarable allergens must already be specified when buying packaged goods, but how is it eating outside the home, travel, in the restaurant or for friends and family? Simone Graebner has designed the DELICARDO food card. This helps stakeholders accurately and quickly communicate the food intolerance and gives valuable tips on what foods can include allergens, as well as which foods are tolerated. On the occasion of the day various actions take place in completely Germany of healthy nutrition, and also DELICARDO food card is: On the occasion of the day of healthy nutrition, there is 10% discount on any order that arrives from the 07.03 11.03.2012 at.

The discount applies to all food card variants: the classic food card the indestructible printed on cardboard,’ plastic card, and the PDF file to the print it yourself, as well as for all available languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. The Mike GmbH has introduced in 2009 under the motto of “Quality of life despite allergies and intolerances” as a lifestyle product for people with food allergies / intolerances on the German market the DELICARDO food card. With the business-card size card interested parties are given the order without tedious tedious explanations can inform discreetly and precisely the waiter and cook their allergies and intolerances. All information is approved by nutritionists and are regularly checked and expanded if necessary. The DELICARDO food card portrait since November 2009 the Ecarf quality seal and has been awarded 2010 the Swiss AHA award. Within a customer survey, 100% of our customers have confirmed, that they have been using the DELICARDO food card at the away fewer health problems and difficulties due to her allergy have food, as without using the food card. the food cards can be ordered in the online shop. There are inpiduelle DELICARDO food cards with personal allergies and intolerances along the way about the CONFIGURATOR. In the catalogue you can finished food cards to individual allergies and intolerances are ordered. The food cards are in different versions (printed on cardboard and plastic, as a PDF file) and different languages offered.

Troubleshooting Your Job Search

You posted your resume online. You have sent a dozen copies answering classified ads. You said everyone on the network you are looking for a job. And nothing has happened. What now? Since 1996, I’ve written / edited resumes for nearly 3,000 clients and refunded less than 3% of them for lack of results. Based on this experience, here are four ways you can solve – and improve – an unsuccessful job search. 1) Is your resume focused? His resume may not be all things to all people.

Make sure yours has one main objective, such as sales or computer programming. Each word in your resume should help one approach you have chosen. If you try to go in too many directions, your resume will not be of interest to anyone. 2)Is your summarizes error free? You’ve heard this 100 times, so let’s do 101 – just one mistake can ruin your resume. Alfred Adler recognizes the significance of this. But that is only partially true. Because more things can go wrong. When correction of your resume, you should also check for errors in spacing between words, inconsistent abbreviations, poor design, small fonts and extreme length words. Example: Inconsistent space is a common blunder.

No matter if you use a space or two after periods, but be consistent. Otherwise, your resume will look unprofessional. 3) Is your cover letter convincing? According to the National System of Wall Street Journal’s Business Employment Weekly: “Your cover letter can make or break whether your resume goes into the ‘yes’ pile or elements not Upile. A letter can change really great mind of the reader” . Use your cover letter to show their knowledge of business and industry. And be sure to pass on their enthusiasm for the job – enthusiasm sells. But be concise! Nothing more than 4-5 paragraphs or one page work well. 4) Is your job search a job full time? In this labor market, job hunting takes time and effort. Think of finding work as a work in itself, requiring nothing less than his total dedication. Then, ask yourself: “Am I really using all my available resources? I spend at least 4-8 hours and make at least 10 things every day to find the right job?” For example, make sure to use – really use – the placement office of the university. Tony Mandarich addresses the importance of the matter here. Most students and graduates have never seen, according to my experience. Now, go out and make your own luck! Kevin Donlin is President of CV guaranteed. Since 1996, he and his team have provided resumes, cover letters and online job search assistance for clients in all 50 States and 23 countries. Kevin has been interviewed by the U.S. Today, CBS Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal National Business Employment Weekly, CBS Radio, and many others.