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The idea is to be authentic in the expression of his heart; real, without masks, screens and stereotypes. People appreciated the sincerity and authenticity. Not people like to feel manipulated, not resulting in the long run, because people end up perceiving our duplicity as leader. His followers need to be informed to give the best of themselves and purchase commitment. Not people like to give the best of themselves in something that is unknown. So talk openly of what worries you, what with what is struggling. Talk about your own experiences.

It is important that their followers know what their convictions, their beliefs and their values on certain items. In other words, what is your stance towards management, the vision of the Organization, integrity, etc. This aspect of the communication is vital, because people first accept and commit to leader and then with the visions. Alignment is the first with the leader, then the organization. The leader needs to understand that you people to its around they want and need to know: to where will the leader? What is your career? Can this leader do I get there? I will love along the trajectory? Are you the leader sensitized about my needs? What are his convictions and beliefs? What is non-negotiable for the leader? Information and shared knowledge eliminate the assumptions, misunderstandings, doubts and uncertainties and it favors the alignment process. Learn to listen to his followers listen to other persons, to explore and discover: what is important to them? What you restless them? How do they spend their time and their money? Why? How are they linked and their values are interconnected with the question to where he’s going? What do they think about certain topics? What are your dreams and expectations for the future? An of the favorite questions of general Eisenhower was do you think?. When people feel that it is taken into account, your opinion is important, people respond with their commitment and alignment to the Organization’s processes.


It's like having your own content writer – writing theme-based articles for you – for e Efra! How can RSS improve my search engine rankings? There are three powerful reasons why content from RSS feeds is the irresistible bait for search engines. 1. RSS feeds provide instant thematic content There are several publishers of RSS feeds that are specific to a particular topic. Since food is very specific, which could contain several keywords that you want to rank highly. Adding these keywords to your pages helps Google tag your site as one with relevant content. 2.

RSS feeds provide fresh and updated content This is perhaps the most important feature of RSS. RSS of the large publishers are updated at specific intervals. field. When the publisher adds a new item to the food, the oldest article is deleted. These changes are immediately effected on your pages with the RSS feed as well. So you have relevant content to visitors fresh every hour or day. Major search engines have determined that the historical relevance algorithm used to classify pages does not lead to more accurate results – and as such, have added to the equation an algorithm based on the freshness of a website.

A simple analogy helps explain the logic behind this recent change in the algorithms classification. If I had to do a search for the key phrase "war on terror" is likely to rise a lot of items. Let's take two articles for the purpose of simplification. Let's say that both articles contain the phrase "war terror ", the same number of times, have the same number of incoming links, and everything else is equal between the two articles.