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Emergency Contraception Work

Emergency contraception – a safe and effective method of preventing pregnancy when you have had unprotected sexual intercourse, or something went wrong with your usual method of contraception. But this method of contraception can not be used every time you have sexual intercourse. Contraceptive use in the state to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, but this kind of protection must be used immediately after sexual intercourse without delay. To take emergency contraception to 72 hours (3 days) after sexual intercourse, but the sooner you make, the more likely that contraception works. Where to buy pills from a number of emergency contraception? In pharmacies, clinics, family planning, violence – and hospitals.

You can keep these medicines on hand in case of what you might need them in case situations. Usually such preparations extracted by one of the pack. If you have packaged two pills, two pills must be taken together. This tool is used within 72 hours (three days) after unprotected intercourse. It is believed that such means prevents 75% of pregnancies that would occur if not used emergency contraception. How Emergency Contraception Work? Pill emergency contraception consists of progestrena, hormone, which is similar to the natural hormone in the body of a woman. In consequence of it, aligns the uterus and the egg can not stay on the wall of the uterus or delayed release of an egg from the ovary. Emergency contraception is not intended to use it regularly and should be used only in extreme cases.

Water Massages

The tradition of underwater massage came from the distant past, when the related nature of man discovered the bliss of standing under a waterfall or stream to take a natural bath in boiling water. You can repeat this experience in hydromassage our office. The magic underwater massage begins with a dip in the bubbling spa space. Sense of relaxation can only be compared with a dip in the ocean where the water itself keeps your body without any effort on your part. Warm water dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, accelerates blood circulation, increases the flow of oxygen and endorphins ('hormone of joy') in tired muscles, appears with nothing comparable to the feeling of comfort, ease and bliss. You're almost ready to fall asleep but at this moment on you to direct the water compact strong jet of water on the rules of the massage. Air-water jet will be massaged by water every cell of your body up and down the back, legs, abdomen and neck.

Special attention – the so-called 'problem' areas – buttocks, stomach, breeches of No manual massage can not compare with it in depth and efficiency. Organism happily takes care of themselves. During the underwater spa massage, amazing changes. Jacuzzi launches hurricane blood circulation. Activate all metabolic processes.

Increases lymph circulation. Restores the optimal balance of water in the tissues – leaving edema. Is the breakdown and excretion of fat. Nutrients and oxygen to the currents of blood saturate the skin cells. Restores mineral balance. Improves color and texture of skin. She takes a deep shine, it becomes extremely smooth, soft, supple, elastic and silky. Increased muscle tone. Fat reduced and equalized – formed a beautiful chiselled figure. And all this – on a background of excellent general health. And – without any effort on your part! Jacuzzi can be performed as a prelude to your favorite cosmetic procedures. After the massage the body most susceptible to the adoption of valuable properties of cosmetic products, which reinforces the effect of the procedure several times. Significantly, that after the massage your skin gently cleaned: in his course of dead skin cells otshelusheny powerful jet. Therefore, before wrapping not have to do manual exfoliation, and infiltration into the skin of valuable nutrients from the sea body masks increases several times, repeatedly reinforcing the effect of this procedure. Massage service will give you not only an excellent cosmetic effect, but also health. Hydrotherapy – a beautiful disease prevention spine and internal organs. And the long-term effect of procedure of water massage in the formation of your youth and beauty is largely achieved through the normalization of Health.